Plot Edit

Flynn Is Shocked To See His Great Grandfather Still Alive Who Wants To Become A Ranger 2 Meanwhile Shiffter & Killbotye Go To See Killbotyes True Master So They Can Go Down All Together To Destroy Both Venjix & The Rangers

Transcript Edit

Dr K Rangers Ive Got A New Saber For U

Flynn Is This A Concel Saber

Dr K No

Flynns Great Grandfather Flynny

Flynn Wtf r U Doing Here

FGGF F**K U Flynny I'm Old I'm 89 Turing 90

Flynn Ok Happy Birthday U Happy




Restra Hmm

Treamer This Planets Pathetic

Killbotye Were On Earth

Shiffter Venjix Will Pay

Venjix Crunch Tenya Whos Attacking The City

Tenya Tresspasses

Venjix Fool Then Crash Em

Tenya Fine

(The 2 Arrive Ther3e)

Tenya Shiffter Killbotye And These 2 Wallking Skunks

Shiffter Ther Not Skunks Ther Ur Knightmare

Tenya Wtf

Shiffter Killbotye Lets Despose Of Her


(Fires All Around)

Tenya Ugh (Coughs)

Shiffter Weaklings

Crunch Please One Chance

Shiffter Let Me Think No

Scott Ha Were Here

Shiffter 2 Late Fuckwers Were Just Here

Killbotye This Will Be Fun

Scott Yea Sorwad Cannon


Killbotye Weak Weapon




(The 7 Unmorph)

Scott Owl

Killbotye Lets Go Stop Venjix

Vewnjix Thewm 2 Failewd Huh Killbotye Shiffter Who Have U Brought

Restra I Am Lord Restra Prepper For Ur Destroction




Venjix No

Restra Get Out (Kicks Venjix Out)

Venjix Yes

Restra U 2 Crunch

Crunch Yes Sir

Restra Now I Am The Evil Ruler

Shiffter Yes Sir

Scott Ugh Shiffter & Killbotye Got Us Good

Dr K And Theve Got A New Master

The End

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Air date 29 September 2009
Written by User:The beem


Directed by User:Ernief0000
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