Plot Edit

Riley Is Attacked By Sledges Latest Warrior Who Shoots His Head He Gets Schizerphernick (In His Head)

Triva Edit

Frist Mench Of The Grey Energem

The Reason Why Its Called Grey Because User:Swap29 Din't Like The Word Grahphie In This Series

Transcript Edit

(Riley Is At Church)

Riley I'm Very Sorry David Bowie That You Died

Ivan Wtf

Riley Wow Get Out

David Bowie Hello Fucker

(Riley Wakes Up)

Riley Wtf

(In The Dino Base)

(Riley Gets Out Of His Bedroom His Back Hurts)

Riley Gotta Take Some Pain Killers

(The Killers Arrive)

Riley Not This Shitty Band

Brandon Stfu Riley Were Going To Play Songs For Keeper

Keeper (Drinks Beer) Yes Play That Dumb Christmas 1

Riley Um Sersley

(In Sledges Ship Wrench Is Sweeting The fan Is On)

Wrench Ahhh Much Better

Fury Get Off My Chair

Wrench Yeah No

(Fury Kicks Wrench Off His Chair)

Wrench Ugh

Fury (Sits Down) Sledge What Is Your Next Plan

Sledge IPhone Warrior

(IPhone Warrior Comes)

Sledge Destroy The Rangers

(IPhone Leaves)

Fury So Whatts The Next Plan

Sledge Get Off Your Arse And Locate The Grey Energem

Fury Yes Sir (Gets Off His Arse)

(In The Dino Café Tyler Is Putting The Toaster On The Stove Fire Comes And Burns The Toast)

Tyler Ahhh Much Better

Ivan That Is Sersley A Dumb Way To Cook Your Food

Tyler Whatever (Eats His Toast His Head Explodes)

(IPhone Warrior Attacks In The Woods)

Tyler Oh Shit Guys Attack

Riley & Other 4 On It

(The 6 Arrive)

Tyler So Wheres The Attack




Tyler Ugh Shit

IPhone Warrior Right Here You Fool

Koda Dino Charger Unleash The Power

(The 6 Morph)

Koda Dino Charger 88 Dino Master Mode

IPhone Warrior Fool (Presses The Delate Button It Delates Dino Master Mode)

Koda Oh Shit

Keeper Oh Fuck The Rangers Are In Big Trouble I'm Feeling Sorry For Them Alreddy (He Sits On His Ass And Eats Popcorn)

(Koda Is Wacked By IPhone Warrior)

IPhone Warrior Suckers

Koda Ugh (Unmorphs)

Riley Somethings Not Right Here

(Riley Draws A Script Of Naked Girls)

Tyler Sersley Riley Come And Help Dino Max Mode Max Strike



IPhone Warrior Laughs Il Blast It Back At You




(The 5 Unmorph)

Tyler Ugh

Ivan IKR

IPhone Warrior Surdnier This Pitty Planet To master Sledge And Il Grant You Wishs

Tyler No Thanks Alreddy Got My Own

Ivan Fucking Ugh

Riley This Warrior Is Not That Tough (Charges To IPhone Warrior And Is Zapped In A Demtion)

Tyler Oh Shit Riley Eh No One Ever Liked Him Anyways

(Riley Is Sucked Into Mt Rushmore)

Riley Oh Fuck I Love This Place (Looks At all The Books In Mt Rushmore Then Looks At Some Guns Then Other Shit)

IPhone Warrior That Fool Riley Is In Mt Rushmore Master Shall We Get Him

Sledge Oh No I Have Another Plan For You

IPhone Warrior Yes Sir

Keeper Rangers You Must Rescue Riley

Tyler How Wait Of Corse (Gets The Click Remote) Take Me To Where Riley Is

(It Takes Em To Dragons Conset)

Dragon Take Me To the End Of Time Take Me To The End Of Time

Tyler Oh Yeah

Ivan These Pozas Are Old

Tyler Aggred Lets Get Out Of The 1970s And See Them As Old men

(They Go To The Present Where Dragon Are Doing A Conset)

Dragon t-a-k-e-m-e-t-o-t-h-e-e-n-d-o-f-t-I-m-e

Tyler Really They Are Even Wroser Than What The Who Is Now

Ivan IKR

(They Go To Mt Rushmore and They See Harrison Ford Hannginng Of A Nose)

Harrison Ford Please Save Me

Tyler Ok (Reaches To Grab Him) Nah I Don't Wanna

Harrison Ford Noooooooooo Fuck

(Harrison Ford Dies)

Tyler Ahhh

Shelby Guys I Found Riley And His Very Mad)

Riley (Head Is Steaming) The Energems Rangers

Tyler Wtf M8 Your On Our Side

Riley Not Any More

Tyler Oh Shit Riley Why Are You Acting So Dumb

Riley Because No One Has Gave Me A Birthday Present

Ivan Yeah We Were Too Lazy To Do That In Reglaur Dino Charge

Riley Its Time Dino Charger 4

Tyler Oh Shit


(Tyler & The Others Fall Out Of Mount Rushmore And Riley Follwers Em He Goes Dino Lamp Mode And Strikes The Fuck Out Of The Rangers)

Tyler Ok If You Wanna Be A dick About This Then Go Ahead Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Koda 5

Ivan 6

IPhone Warrior My Plans Working Sledge

Sledge Good

Ivan Dino Ptera Mode Wing Mode Wing Strike




Riley You Fool


(Ivan Unmorphs)

Tyler Hey Buddy

Riley Hey Losser


(Tyler Unmorphs)

Chase Shutup Dino Super Blade





(Chase Unmorphs)

Shelby Uh Oh

Koda Aggred

Riley Times Up Super Strike


(The 2 Unmorph)

Koda Ugh Shit

Riley Yes Ugh Shit

Koda His 2 Powerful

Tyler Not With Out This (Shoots Riley With The Dino Charger And Riley Falls) That Had Bysonic Medsion In It It Cured Him

Riley Ahh Yes It Did

IPhone Warrior But It Wont Cure U From Me

Tyler Really Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Ivan 6

IPhone Warrior Fools

Riley Dino Charger 16 Dino Ultra Mode Dino Ultra Blast




IPhone Warrior Vivix Come Handle These Rangers (Retreats)

Tyler Pussy

(Tyler Uses The Dino Ultra Blast To Destroy Em)

(In Sledges Ship)


Sledge Bad Rapping Out


Sledge OUT

Curser B**** Who Let The Dog Out Was It-

Sledge Get Out

Wiz Khalifia Shit My balls Are Itchy They Smell Like Sh-

Sledge Fucking Cunt Get Out

IPhone Warrior Sledge I Escaped

Fury Your A Failer

Sledge Enlarge My Warrior

(The Vivix Grow)

Tyler Dino Max Lamp Taffie Tung Master Megazord

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Tyler Lets Use The Commbo

Tyler & Ivan Dino Master Ptera Max Megazord

Koda Lets Shut These Guys Up

Tyler Dino Ptera Master Strike




Sledge Ugh IPhone Warrior Your Going To Get The Grey Energem Befor That Arsehole Philp Bonds To It

IPhone Warrior Yes Aggred Il Shut The Rangers Up

(In The Dino Base)

Tyler Where Sorry Keeper IPhone Escaped

Koda With My Phone The fucking idiot

Keeper (Trows A Book At Kodas Head)

Koda Ugh

Keeper Anyways Rangers We Need To Start Looking For The Grey Energem

The End

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Air date 9 October 2015
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Reo 54


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The Ivan Spell
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