Plot Edit

The Robot Rangers Return As The evil Ones Being Reprogramed By Divatox They Fight & prove To Be Strong For The Rangers Even In Orb Mode

Transcript Edit

Divatox Porto I Have A Assmeant Remember The obot Rangers

Porto Yes Tryed To Capture Justin

Divatox Bring Them Here

TJ Cool Yeah Wat Abut Fun

Dimatra Rangers BS & PR Were Bizzy

BS These Screws Dont Go In Probley

TJ No Dimatra IT Its Time

TJ (Robot) Justin u k

Justin (Robo) Yes

Porto Not For Long (Captures Them)

Divatox So Robot Rangers

TJ (R) You Atre a Asshole

Porto No We Will Destroy The Rangers Wth Ur Help

Divatox Rygog Next

Rygog Yes My Queen MAWAWAWAWA

TJ (R)Reddy To Serve My Empress

TJ Yeah Cat5ch It


Divatox Hello Rangers

TJ Diatox Tuebo Up

Divatox Fool



TJ (R) Dont Touch Her

Justin Who Are These

Justin (R) Ur Robots

Dimatra ther The Robots Young Justin Was Being Foolish Abut

Justin (R) Got That Right Old Lady LETS FIGHT

TJ Orb Mode Orb Final Strie


TJ (R) Fool


TJ Ugh

Divatox Destroy Them All

Dentist Warrior Hey Rangers Take This


TJ Ugh The Robots Are Defeating Us

TJ (R) Cannon

TJ Guys Cannon


(The Reg Rangers Fall And Unmorph)

BS Ha Were Here

TJ Ugh

PR Back Off U Skum

TJ (R) Skum U'lle Be The Skum Once Were Trow Wth U

(At CC)

PR They Were The Robots After I Left The Frist Time

BS And Ther Powerful As Hell

TJ Yes Ugh

Dimatra BS & PR Go Out U 5 Need To Get Some Rest

Divatox Yes That Was A Test Ther Cannon Is Weak & Yours Is Awesome

To Be Contined....

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Air date 17 October 1997
Written by User:Echoson


Directed by User:Sci100
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