Albedos New Car Edit

Rook And The Co Were Chaseing Down Cheesehead Rook Blasts Him And Albedo Then Arrives They Go In His Car For A Drive Later Albedo Tricks The Co And Gwen Defeats Him

The Vreedles Do Not Know How To Live Edit

Rook & The Co Tried To Help The Vreedle Live Like Humans

Charmcasters Real Father Edit

Rook & The Team Went To Legerdomain To See Charmcaster And They Were Attacked By Her And Her Father

Azmuths Beard Comes Alive Edit

Rook & The Co Battled Azmuths Beard Of A Destraction So 2 Galvins Could Hack Azmuths Code So They Could Get Something For Ther Masters Plan

Elana Makes A Chip Call Edit

Rook & Ben Stopped Vulkans From Robbing A Store Ben Went Upgrade And Defeated Him Later After Some Foolish Parts Ben Randomley Turned Into Nanomeck Of Someone Contraling His Omnitrixs Symboll Ben Went Wildmutt And Sniffed Elana Cordlets They Found Her Right Away And Ben Went Nanmeck & Ghostfreak But He Was Defeated By Elana Suddley The Rest Of The Polchie Group Arrived Elana Gave Zurg The Time Key And He Betrayed Her And Captin Nemiess Zurg Then Defeats Ben As Lodepire And Shoots Rook He Unlocks The Time Hole And Goes In It Telling Ben That His Fate Is Coming

Triva Edit

He Will Not Appre In The Zurg War


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