Plot Edit

Dayu Sends The PAin Warrior Out She Gives 6 Of The Rangers Pains\

Transcript Edit

Jayden Hey Kevin Got A Joke

Kevin Whatts this Joke For

Jayden BS

Kevin What Kind

Jayden Sweet Kind

Dayu Fools That Idiot Xandrend Dosent Know What hes messing with Fucking Idiot

Serrator Dayu Yes She'll Pay

Octoroo Yes Dayu Is There

Serrator Shes Got A Warrior It Shall Destroy The Rangers

Jayden (Puts His Finger In His Butt Gets It Out And A Black Thing Is On It) Wtf is it

Kevin Poo\

Jayden POO!!!

Kevin Uh Yea

Jayden (Smells It Faints)

Kevin Yuck

Dayu We'll Terise These Humans

Serrator Yes

Dayu Serrator U Febil Lier

Serrator Listen Ive Come For The Rangers So Fuck Off

Dayu So Have I U Frist

Serrator Ahhh Naughty Girl (Goes Up And Slashs Her But Fails) What

Dayu Laughs Ya


Serrator U Will Regreat Leaving The Boss

Dayu Ha Get Him Pain Warrior

Pain Warrior Yes


Serrator Ugh F**K

Dayu Pain To Ur Spine Now Huh Rangers

Antino Ur Going To Regreat Doing That Super Gold Mode

Dayu Get Him Il Handle Serrator

Serrator Ahhhh Sweetheart Il Smash U (Grabs Dayu And Trows Her Shoots Her)




Dayu Ugh Fuckiong Call Me Sweetheart Again And Il Smash U

Serrator Laughs

Pain Warrior Hey Gold Ranger Ur Weak

Mike Again Super Cannon

PW Super Fool



Antino Ugh (Falls Out Of Super Mode)

PW Goodbye Goldy

Antino Oh Shit

PW Laughs Gold Will Be Dwestroyed

Jayden Hey U Ur Going Down

PW What Red Ranger Ur Deadmeat

Jayden Fuck Off Cunt

PW U Frist

Jayden Super Red Mode

PW I Alreddy Knocked Out Ur Gold Buddy Outta That Mode Il Knock U Outta It

Jayden Strap Strike


PW U Fool....Il Turn (Grows) U Into Dust

Jayden Arki Megazord Saber

PW Oh Shit

Jayden Ur Going To Pay For The Pain Saber Long Ex Strike



PW No-


Serrator So Dayu U Failed Ur Useless As Always (Retreats) Master Dayu Has Failed

Xandrend Yes Get Her

Serrator We Don't Need Her Shes Fat & Clumbsy


Serrator Yes Sir

Jayden (Picks His Nose) (Gets Green Stuff Outta It) What Is This

Kevin A Bogger U Dumby


The End

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Air date 16 April 2012
Written by User:Omyx


Directed by User:Socking Is Fun :P
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Reflex The Warrior
The Left-ed Sorwad

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