The Rangers (Minus Antino Who Is Out Of The Ep) Tell Tales About When They Were Rangers

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(Its Christmas)

Mike (Stakes Down The Hallway) Hey Fuckers Whats Up

Kevin Nothing Were Doing Presents

Mike Got Any For Me

Kevin No

Ji Hey I Made Evrey One Hot Choclates MotherFuckers

Jayden Lets Tallk About Tales

(In Ep 4)

Antino Saber Strike


Dreamster No-


Dreamster I'm Back

Mike That Warrior Was BS

Ji Aggred Serrators Doing Remember In That Day When He Tricked Xandrend

Octoroo Where Back

Xandrend Yes That Fool Serrator

Serrator Yes I'm Here

Xandrend Get Out (Charges But Serrator Shoots Him Into The Water)


Serrator Now With Cunt Outta The Way My Plan Is Going Good Soon The neverworld And Earth Will Bal Down To My Dick

Mike Ewww Gross

Ji Aggred But We Showed Him No Mercey

Kevin Yeah What A fucking asshole

(In A Construction Site

Juggler Fools Christmas Soon Will Be Cancled

Mike What About When Lauren Came To The Team As A Dick

Jayden Aiey That's My Fucking Sister

Mike Ok

(In Ep 17 frist ik She Came A Ep Earler But This Is Just So)

Lauren Ur Scum Arint U

Deker Oh So UrA Girl U Must Of Changed

Jayden Its A Attack

Ji Go MotherF***ers

Jayden There Oh Fuck Deker

Deker Ur Dead

Jaydern Well She Left 4 Days Ago Huh A Attack Wheres Antino

Ji Hes Got Direa Go Without Him

Jayden Fine Ha Juggler I Should Of Know

Juggler Ahhh Red Ranger Take This My Plans Are Better Than Last Time

Ji Rangers Use The Arki Cannon

Jayden Screw That Arki Red Mode Arki Strike


Juggler Ugh Fool

Jayden Red Striker


Juggler No...Xandrend Died Cos Of U I Will Repay Him

Jayden No U Wont Arki Cannon


Juggler No-


Jayden Yes

Juggler Laughs My Plans Theve Just Begun

Jayden Super Megazord Ur Jugler Days Are Over Punk Saber


Juggler No...U Are Dead


Jayden That's It Super Sorwad Strike


Juggler Fuck U Cunt-


Jayden Yeah

Ji Ahhh Antino Isnt Better But Look Jayden I G9ot Poop Its His Poop For U Smell It

Jayden Oh Shit

The End

Triva Edit

Antinos Actor Was Sick When This ep Was Being Flimed That's Why He Dint Appre In This ep

Jis Voice Actor Sorta Sounded Sick In This ep Of His Actor Coming Down With A Cold In That Ep

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Air date 25 December 2012
Written by User:PokeRob


Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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