Plot Edit

Scott Is Shot And Shiffter Gets His DNA Crunch Sends A Manchine To Destroy The Rangers

Transcript Edit

Dr K We Must Track The 2 Rangers

Venjix Crunch Its Ur Turn To Get A Warrior

Crunch Yes Sir Meet Goaler

Goaler Yes I'm Here

Crunch Destroy The Humans

Scott Ugh Weve Checked Evrey Fucking Town I'm Sick Of This Shit

Summer Fuck U Scott



Scott ugh

Summer Oh Shit

Scott (Leaves Goes Back To The Base) Dr K I'm At Serves To U

Dr K wtf

Summer Scotts Gone Lets Go

Goaler Yes T8ime To Attack

Su,mmer A Fucking Attack

Goaler This Worlds Mine

Summer Yea In Ur Dreams

Goaler Yellow Ranger Ur History




Summer Ugh

Goaler Ur Weak And Il Just Destroy u

Scott Now What Happ0ens

Dr K Go Out And Help Ur Teammates

Scott Yea No

Flynn The Rangers Must Be Here

Dillon Yea Were Here

Flynn Wtf r U Doing Here

Ziggy Rangers Yea Ya Ya Ya

Flynn Lets Go

Dillon Fine

Summetr Ugh

Goaler Now Ur History-




Ziggy Yea M8

Goaler U Rittal Fools I Will Destroy U

Dillon Hammer Strike


Goaler No

Ziggy Lets Use The Cannon




Goaler y-


Venjix Tanya U Can Stop Being A Bitch And Fucking Make My Warrior Grow

Tenya Yes Grow My Warrior

Goaler Its Time To Shake Things Up

Scott Ugh I'm Back Stroke Megazord Saber

Goaler What

Scott Slash


Goaler Impossible-


Scott Finalty

Venjix Tanya Ur A Bitch GTFO Of My Site

Tanya Yes Sir Foopl He Shall Pay Soon

Dr K Yes Ur Morphers Venjix Is Plainng To Attack the Planet If U Don't Stop Him He'll Destroy The Planet

The End

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Air date 3 March 2009
Written by User:Ernief0000
Directed by User:As I Return
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RPM Returns
The General Attacks

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