Plot Edit

Kai Green Is Fucking Back And Wants Some Freaking Sex Wth Ben

Charcters Edit




Villians Edit

EXO Skull

Aliens Used By Ben Edit


Snare Oh

Transcript Edit

Rook Hey ben I Found Poo

Ben Rlly Whos Poo Is That

Rook IDK

Ben Sersley

Rook YUS

Pardox Maltruant Never

Maltruantr Suk My Dik Time Wallker

Pardox Rlly?

Maltruant Yes (Grabs Pardox) Do It It Seems Good Todaty Like Tarcos

(Pardox Suks Maltruants Dik)

Pardox Oh Fuck (he wakes iup befor he Says that)

Ben Hey Rook This Poo

Rook Yes Its Maltruants

Ben Yes And


Ben Fuck No

Pardox Tennyson

Ben Wow Time Wallker

Pardox No Ben I Had A Dr4eam I Suked Maltruants Dik

Ben Gross

Pardox Yes Aggred

Kai Who Is This Faggot

Ben Its Yo Mama


(They Go To The Sex Chamber)

Ben So Maltyruant Will Suk Ur Dik

Pardox Yes If We Dont Hurry

(Outside the Chamber)

Maltruant Exo Skull Go In There And Bring Pardox Well Destr- Ugh Bring Pardox To Me So He Can Suk This Fiffy Thing

Exo-Skull Yes Aggred

Ben So Wtf Is This Room

Pardox Remember When Sex Took Over Ur Body The Other Day

Rook Yes The Vreedles Were Being Pigs

Kai ?

Pardox Mind Ur Own Bussness Kai

Ben Yea

Kai Ugh

Pardox Evreyone Has Suked His Dik Befor George Bush Obanna And More

Ben Isnt He The Premiestert Of America

Pardox Yes How Did U Know

Ben Oh TV Show

Rook And What If U Suk His Dik

Ben Then That Will Be Gay

Pardox Then He Will Commbind His Diks Together And Become Invisable We Must-


Snake Pardox Times Up

Exo Skull (Coming into The Stair way) Time To Suk His Dik Pardox

Snake Pardox U Will Suk Maltruants Dik

Ben Never

Bullfrag Fuck Yea (Licks Snake Snake Dies)

Bullfrag Lets Get Out

Ben Of Here Niggas


Exo-Skull Snake Wake Up Where r They

Snake they defeated me ther fools ther pro9bley going to the map of poo So Pardox Can Do The Spell To Destroy Maltruant

Exo-Skull Il Stop Them And They Will Suk Maltruants Dik

Ben Ok So Where r We Going

Pardox The Map Of Poo

Ben The Map Of Poo? Why

Pardox A Story

Ben And yu Is This Bitch Tagging Along

Rook Push Her

Ben kk (Pushs Kai Into Water)


R.I.P Kai Green

Ben There Much Better

Pardox Were Her

Spider And Ur Doomed

Pardox Im Not Going To Suk His Dick

Spider Yes U Will

Ben No

Snare Oh U Have To Make Him




Snare Oh There Done


Exo-Skull U Will Suk Hisa Dik Wherever U Like It Or Not

Snare Oh No


Ben Ugh

Exo-Skull Come Wth Me Old Man

Pardox Suk My Dik

(Exo-Skull Suks Pardoxs Dick)

Exo Skull Good Dik

Pardox Thanks

Exo-Skull But U Will Still Suk His Mother Fucking Dik

Pardox Never



Exo-Skull Oh Fiuck


Pardox Guys Over Here 100000 Yrs Ago Maltruants Parts Were Missing He Got them And His Dik Was Still Missing He Got That And Someone Took It From Him It Was Me Thats y He Wants Me To Suk It

Ben Oh

Kai ugh im Alive Ben How Dare U Piush Me

Ben Ok

Pardox This Fiffy Pile Of Shit Needs To Fucking Go

Ben Cool

(Pardox Shoots Kai Green)

Pardox Ahhh Much Better

Maltruant Morons

Exo-Skull Im Srry He Suked My Well I Suked His Dik


The End

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Season 1/2, Episode 97/74
Air date 20 Feb 2015
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Episode Guide
Lets Have Some Extra Sex Again, Or Have Some Sextra Sex Again
Third Time Of Sex

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