Plot Edit

Wth A New Ranger Lauren Is Jealous Of That Ranger while Serrator Begins His Final Plan

Transcript Edit

Ji Go Go Go Whiggle Whigglre

Jayden Serrators Attacks Must Be Soon

Serrator Get Out Deker Ur Foolishness Has Caused Me To Get Angry Wth U

Deker Fool

Dayu Lets Leave

Deker Not Wthout My Sorwasd

Serrator Foolish Human


Deker No

Dayu Deker ur a fool

Serrator Its Time Malden

Malden Yes The Erra Has Begun

Serrator No The Rangers Shall Die

Antino So Whats Tuhe Plan

Jayden We Destroy Serrators Plan

Kevin Theresw A Attack

Malden Fools


Octoroo Serrators Going To Put His Plan In Placer

Malden Foolish Humans

Jayden Ugh Wheres The


Serrator Fools Soon Yes I'll Destry u Malden

Malden But Bossa


Malden No-


Jayden Wow

Malden Serrator You And The Rangers Will Die

Serrator Not ForLong

Malden Hes A Sucker

Jayden Gold Megazord

Antino Loxy Megazord

Antino & Jayden Loxy And Gold Megazord ommbind Gold And Loxy Megazord

Malden Foolish Rangers

Jayden Gold Blast


Malden Impossable-


Serrator Wth Malden GoneMy Attacks Are In Place Hey Rangers Its Time To Meat ur Fate

To Be Contined....

Serrator's Plan
Season 1, Episode 14
Serrators Plan
Air date 11 March 2017
Written by Len Uhley
Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Master Vs Red Ranger
Serrators Attack

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