Plot Edit

After The Red Blue And Pink Samuraizer Falls Into Serrators Hands The 5 Samurai Rangers Must Stop Serrator From Reaching His Goal

Transcript Edit

Serrator Xandrend Is A idiot I'll Destroy U Rangers

Antino No


Serrator Fools

Jayden Ha

Serrator Ha


Kevin And Mia Cann


Serrator Now 3 Of ur Samuraizer Are Mine Rangers And To Make Sure ur Out Of My Way Pirexs

Jayden Were Powerless

Antino Golsd Zord

Serratore Sgugger Gegger Gess

(the red blue and pink Samuraizer Goes Up Shoots up to the sky And It Brings The Attacks of the world in)

Serrator Yes

Antino Gold Blasst


Antino What Not Even That Destroyes thew Monster Gold Loxy Megazord Loxy Punch


Kevin Serrators Doing The Attacks

Dayu Serrator Ur A Betrayer

Serrator Ur More Of A Dick As I Thought Laughs

Deker Give Me My Sorwad

Serrator Never Old man

Deker Laughs Then Lets Fight


Deker No

Serrator Goodbye

Dayu Ha


Serrator No The Morphers

Dayu Now


Serrator You foolish brat

Kevin Antino Huh

Lauren were off

Mike Quick

Antino Gold Stroike


Mike Ha

Serrator No

Deker Therews My Sorwsad

Serrator Wait

Deker Strike


Serrator No-


Serrator Foolish Rangers..............

Mike Silver Ranger There

Silver Ranger Good Cann Bye The Power Of Good We Will Finsh U

Mike Bullzooka

Emliy Fire Smasher

All Together FIRE


Dayu Yes Serrator Is History

Serrator Not For Long Suckers

Antino Oh Ill Fix That

Serrator Really

Antino Just Megazord

Serrator A New Toy Pireroxs

Antino Really Just Strike


Serrator Impossable Why

Antino Simple ur Evil And You'lle Never Deswtroy Us

Serrator Il Break U

Antino Just Slash


Serrator No-


Deker Yes Now Serrator Is History

Dayu Now Its Time To Get Rid Of Xandrend

The End

Serrators Attack
Season 1, Episode 15
Serrators Attack
Air date 23 April 2017
Written by Judd Lynn (As Chip Lynn)

Will Fouracres Blake Fitzpatric (As Blake Fitz)

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Serrators Plan
Samurai Fools

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