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Shelby Plays Horrable Music And Her Father Makes Fun Of Her While The Other Rangers Are Trapped By Wrenchs Latest Warrior

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Air date 27 Feb 2016
Written by User:ALT23
Directed by User:Digi
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Ivans Peanut
The Labor Girlfriend


(In Snides Ship)

Fury Snide I Found A Whoppie Cousion

Snide Fool I Dont Care

Wrench Master Ive Got A Warrior He'll Shoot The Rangers They Will Become Dinosaurs

Snide That Plan Is- Wait Thats Actley A Ok Plan Go

Sweamp Warrior Yes

(In The Dino Base)

(Chase Skatebords Inside)

Chase Ahh (Farts) Much Better

Keeper Chase No Sk8ing Inside Please

Chase Whatever Man

Keeper No Theres No whateves

Kendall Guys Im Creating A Dino Charger That Will Give Tyler His Battleizer Mode

Chase k?

Tyler Aww Yeah That Will Be Awesome

Chase It Dose Not Really Concern Me

Tyler Whatever Man Your A Chump

Chase Screw You 2

(SW Attacks The City)

Keeper Rangers A Attack

(The Rangers Go To The City)

Ivan Whos This Fool

SW Your Doom


(The Rangers Fall)

Shelby This Guys Going Down Dino Charger 2

(The 6 Morph)

SW You Fools

(In The Dino Base)

(Mr Watkings Comes)

Mr Watkings Oh Yeah Time To Listen To Some B52


Keeper Who tf Are You

Mr Watkings Im Mr Watkings Shelbys Father

Keeper Selina Gomez

Mr Watkings Shes Music Is S**T

Keeper IKR

Kendall Guys Use Dino Super Mode

Mr Watkings Oh Yeah I Remember You You Were That Idiot That Killed Another Idiot In The 1940s

Kendall Wtf

Shelby Your Going Down

SW I Dont Think So (Traps 5 Rangers Shelby Ducks) Il Take These Minuns Back To Snide (Retreats)

Shelby Oh No (Goes To The Dino Base) Huh Whatts He Doing Here

Keeper He Is My New Best Friend

Shelby Really?

Keeper YUS

Shelby Thats Dumb

Mr Watkings Shelby Come Sit With Us 3 Were Tallking About Beer

Shelby Sorry But I Got Shit To Do So Yeah

Mr Watkings YOUNG GIRL

Shelby What

Mr Watkings Look At The Time It Is 9:00

Shelby Its Actley 3:50

Mr Watkings BS

Shelby Whatever Man

(The Rangers Fall In A Dugan With Webs On The Ground Covering Them Cob Webs)

Chase Ugh What Happend

Tyler That Warrior Shot Us And We Ended Up In This Room

(Koda Bites The Web But There Still Stuck)

Tyler This Is BS

Ivan Dont Worry Old Tyler I Will Get Us Out Of Here

(Ivan Charges But Ther Still Stuck)

(In Snides Ship)

SW Ther Easy I Trapped 5 Rangers That Pink Girl Got Away

Fury Then Lets Go Get Her

(In The Dino Base)

(The 3 Are Playing U-No

(Mr Watkings Wins Money Goes Evreywhere)

Mr Watkings I Win

Shelby This Is So Dumb

Fury Ahh Yes It Is

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Fury Foolish Girl

(Shelby Blasts Fury The SW Comes But Is Blasted By Shelby)

Kendall Ahhh This Game Is Good

(Ther Playing Monoploy)

(Mr Watkings Wins And Money Goes Evreywhere Again)

Mr Watkings Im A Back To Back Winner

(Shelby Shoots SW And Then Trys To Contact Kendall)

Kendall Ahh

(Dino Com Rings Behind Her)

Shelby Fucking Come On Kendall Pick Your Condom Up

Kendall Ok My Turn

(Mr Watkings Wins Again He Then Gets Money And Runs Off)

Kendall Ugh Fuc- Oh Shit Yes

Shelby I Need The New Dino Charger Battleizer

Kendall 1: Its For Tyler 2: Mayhem 3: porn

Shelby Ok Ive Had Eongh Dino Charger 14 Dino Tung Mode Dino Tung Slash


Fury Ugh....Fools (Retreats)

Snide So Fury You Failed

Fury No Enlarge

(SW Grows)

Shelby Uh Oh




Ivan Were Here Shelby

Shelby Ok (Gets In The Megazord)

Tyler Lets Take This To Master Ptera Sun Megazord

Ivan Aggred Old Tyler

Tyler M8 You Can Stop Calling Me That

Ivan Yes Boss

Tyler Boss?

Shelby Dino Master Ptera Sun Megazord

Ivan Sun Strike




Heckel Ugh Curse You Fury You Had 1 Ranger On Your Hands And You Get Defeated You Are A Wuss

Fury Yes Master

(In The Dino Base Mr Watkings Wins Again)

Tyler Wow Your Here

Kendall Yeah Weve Played About 16 Games And His Won Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back To Back Games Im Getting Fucking Sick Of It

Tyler Me 2

Kendall Anyways Rangers Ive Created Another Dino Charger The Dino Super Drive Charger

Tyler Wow

The End

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