Plot Edit

Shimzea Is Awakend By Zurgane & Vexcaus Who r Being fools arguing Shimzea Battles The Rangers & Defeats Em

Transcript Edit

Loithor Ugh The Rangers They Defeated Some Warriors

Vexacus Aggred Ther Morons

Lothor Eongh


Zurgane We Found Shimzea

Vexacus U Mean I Found Him U Found Dogshit

Zurgane U fool y Dont U Shut Up And Let Me Tallk

Lothor U 2 Go Get Him

Zurgane Yes At Once

Shane Hey I Found Something

sensai No Shane dont

exacus y Did I Have To Go Wth u Ur A Moron

Zurgane No U r

Vexacus Well Ur The fool Who Will Feast My Sorwad Soon

Zurgane U Will Feasyt Myt Sorwad

Shane Um Guys I Think Cams Being A fool

Cam Hey Shanney Boy

Shane What See Again He Does It

Zurganre There It Is Syimzea Ahhh Yes

Vexacus Let Me


Shimzea Im Free

VexaCUIS Thats That fool That Lothors Neisers Destroyed

Zurgane U Helped Them

Vexacus Yes Whatever

Shane A Attack

Shimzea Rangers Feel This


Shane Ugh

Blake Saber


Shimzea U Useing That For Foolishness

Shane No

Lothor Thats Eongh Ninja Power Unleashed


Shimzea Yes Im Back

Blake & Huntrer Roop Megazord

Shimzea What fools u r

Blake No

Shane Skim Megazord

Shimzea Il Never Go Down

Vexacus What a fool U r Shimzea Il Take Ur Bones Off

Shimzea Ha


(Shimzea Escapes)

Blake Dammit We Lost Him

Lothor Goodjonb Now I Want Them Rangers Destroyed

Shimzea Yes Master

Vexacus Dont Worry Someone Will Be Destroyed And It Will Be Lothor

The End

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Vexacus Plotting Aginst Lothor (btw A Bed Behind Him) (And In The Dark Again)
Air date 8 September 2003
Written by User:The beem 2
Directed by User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back)
Episode Guide
Chooboos Vengence
The Sensai Knows Best

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