Plot Edit

Koda Wants To Be Friends With Evreyone While Sledge Backstabs Snide And Sends Him Out To Destroy The Rangers

Triva Edit

Snides Final Apprence

Transcript Edit

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Gotta Take Some Painkillers

(Sledge Takes Em)

Sledge That Fool Snide Will Bal Down To My Chest

Snide What So His Plotting Aginst Me Again He'll Suck My Cock

(Snide Takes The Dark Energem)

(In The Dino Base)

Kendall So Were all Going Up To Take Sledge Out For Good

Ivan We Will Need All The Megazords Power

Philp And We Need The Plan Of Poo

Ivan Stfu Philp This Is Serious Time

Philp k

Keeper Its Time To Crash The Dark Energem

Snide That Moron Sledge Will Feel This (Turns A Street Into A Black Hole)

Keeper Rangers A Attack

Tyler Letz Go

(The Rangers Take All The Megazords And Head Torwads Space)

Snide Huh Its The Megazords Time To Suck Them Up (Turns The Megazords Into A Black Hole)

Tyler Huh Whys It Black

Snide Laughs Weaklings

Sledge snide Its Tim- Huh I Must Find The Dark Energem

(Sledge Goes To The Thing And Sees The Dark Enertgems Gone)

Sledge Snide

(Snide Sucks Up The Sky Turns It Into A Black Hole The Rangers Land In A Jungle)

Koda Letz Be Friends

Tyler Fuck you

Snide Sledge Will Bal Down To My Dick

Fury I Don't Think So

Snide Ahhh Fury Your Here To Help Me

Fury No I'm Actley Here For The Dark Energem

Snide I Don't Think So (Sucks Fury Up)

(Fury Ends Up Where The Rangers Are)

Fury Hello

Tyler Your Going Down Fury Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Ivan 6

Ivan Dino Ultra Mode Dino Ultra Wings




(The 6 Rangers Fall Out Of The Fake World And Land Up In The Real World)

Tyler Theres Snide

Snide Ahhh Yes I Have The Dark Energem You Cunts I Will Unlock Its Power

(Snide Becomes Dark Snide)


Tyler Dino Max Mode Max Wip




Dark Snide Fool....That Din't Affoct Me

Tyler But This Will Dino Cannon


Dark Snide No It Dosent




(The 10 Fall)

Tyler Dino Ultra Mode Ultra T-Rex Strike


Snide Ugh Dino Cunts

Tyler Your Going Down Hard Core Mode Dino Ultramate Mode Ultramate Cannon

Snide Uh Oh

Tyler This Is For Evreything You Did Fire




(Snide Is Destroyed The Dark Energem Falls On The Ground Tyler Picks It Up)

Tyler Now Il Ware It As A Torphey Of My Awards That I Won In 1926

Sledge Give Me The Dark Energem

Tyler Sledge Dino Ultramate Saber

Sledge Fir4e Milles




Sledge Thanks (Takes The Dark Energem Off Tyler) Now This Universe Dies

To Be Contined....

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Air date 19 November 2016
Written by User:Ultra3000

User:Letter guy User:Death88

Directed by User:As I Return
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A Dino Universe

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