Charmcasters Real Father Edit

He Appres In Legerdomain Telling Charmcaster They Will Destroy Gwen Then He Confrents Bens Co And Defeats Em After A Short Battle With Ben As His New Alien Spellthrick He Then Confrents Em Again After Killing Bubble Helmet He Is Defeated By Spellthrick & Gwen Dagion Then Appres Killing Charmcaster And Ben Turns Into Wildmutt And Kills Dagion Hes Heart Falls On The Ground Spellbinder Grabs It Becoming Spelldragon He Forces The Co Out Of Legerdomain But Gwen Does A Spell To Lock The Door To Prevent Spelldragon From Getting Them He Gets Trapped In Legerdomain

Acording To Swap Spelldragon Was Destroyed By Magic Bats Restoring Spellbinder & Dagion To Ther Rightful Bodys

Triva Edit

It Is Cleary Unknown If He Will Return Or Not

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