Plot Edit

Mike Is Shot By Desation Serrators Latest Warrior He Wants To Go Out For Strolls And Bess A Idiot While Deker Gets The Map To The Arki Weapon

Transcript Edit

Serrator The Arki Weapon I Must Have It

Deker Yes IK Where The Map Is

Serrator Where

Deker On That Moutan Laughs

Mike Hey Why Don't We Have A Party

Dayu Destroy That Green Ranger

Desation Yes


Mike Owl I Gotta Go Out For A Stroll

Xandrend Why Did U Do That

Dayu Um Its A Plan Serrator Needs All Plans To Destroy The Planet

Xandrend U Better Be Right Idiot Get Off My Ship

Dayu Yes Sir

Serrator Master Exsucses That Bitch Shes A Pest Now This Warrior Will Make Evreyone Wanna Take Wallks He'll Sucseed

Xandrend And If He Dosent It Will Be Your Fault

Serrator Aggred Fool I Have Bigger & Better Plans For U Master Dickhead

Mike Lets Go Out For Strolls

Desation Look At That Fool

Serrator Yes Hes Doing A Part Of My Plan Soon Xandrend Will Neil Befor My Power

Mike Lets Go For More

Kevin No Mike U Must Stop Ur Foolishness


Kevin gagf Then

Mike NAH

Ji Kevin Round Him Up I Have A Plan

Kevin Ok Hey Mike

Desatioon Blue Ranger


Desation Ur Dead

Mike Hey Ladies Out For A Stroll

Lady 1 No One GAF

Mike :(

Kevin Desation I Should Of Know It Was U Ur Going Down

Desation Laughs This Will Be Pitty

Kevin Super Blue Mode Super Striker


(Kevin Falls)

Desation Yes Its Time

Mike Yeah Boy

Kevin Guys I Found The Cockhead

Desation Cockhead Ur Gonna Pay

Kevin Super Cannon




Desation Serrator Come

Serrator Yes Soon My Plan Will Be Completed And Xandrend Will Bal Down To My Dick

Desation Lets Kill Em

Kevin No Ur Going Down Super Cannon




Serrator His Pitty Self Wont Help U From My Destroction

Desation Yes It Wont

Kevin Arki Megazord

Desation Arki Fartkey

Kevin Arki Punch


Desation Serrator Is Weak And U r 2

Kevin Oh Man His Right Ive Gotta Plan I'm Using The Ball Saber Ball Saber

Desation WHAT

Kevin Ur Going To Regreat Evreything Ball Strike




Desation No-


Serrator That Warrior Was Weak Now Deker Dayu My Plan

Deker Yes Anything For U

Serrator Raise The Sparro Sorwad RASIE FOR IT

(Deker Gets The Sparro Sorwad)

Dekwer Yes The Rangers Are Doomed

The End

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Air date 22 September 2012
Written by User:Omyx


Directed by User:Stranger26
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Reflex The Warrior
The Weapon Of Arki (Ep)

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