Plot Edit

The A-Sqad Ambush The Rangers When Ther Looking For Shit Broodwing Gets In The Headqauters And Contrals The Megazord And Destroys The City At the End The A-Sqad Revile Theve Been Working For Broodwing

Transcript Edit

Jack Yes Were Crugger

Crugger U Need To Start To Win The Battles

Kat Wtf

Boom Guys I Think I Found The A-Sqad

Charlie That Moron Grum He Will Pay And Suk My Dik

Blue Evil A-Sqad SPD Ranger U Dont Have One

Charlie Broodwing Must Prepper For Omni As He Arrives Very Soon

Green SPD Evil A-Sqad Ranger Yes Aggred

Gryum There Is Not Much Time Mora Till Omni Arrives He Will Punish Me For The Fails And Destroy The Rangers I Must Destroy Them Befor He Does Or il Get Punshed

Mora Yes Aggred Master And What Abut Broodwing

Grum That uck He Has Been A Thorn In My Sight

Mora Yes He Will Pay


Broodwing Ugh Grum I Must Destroy Him


Broodwing Its Time

Sky Ha Yea

Crugger Guys We

Broodwing Yes The Megazord MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Crugger Yes Guys Huh A Attack In The egazord

Broodwing Yes Im On Top Of The World

Sky Its Broodwing

Broodwing Yes Il Destroy The City rist Wth The Strum Megazord

Sam Future Force Megazord Backoff Broodwing

Broodwing Fool




Broodwing Now Ur Done For

Jack Hes Got Thwe Strum Megazord

Cruggwer Dosent mattrer Sams Battleing Him

Sam Strike


Broodwing Il Selfdestrouct This Thing What

Sam Ha Thats Eongh (Sam Jumps In the Strium Megazord) Crugger Im In The Strum Megazord

Crugger ind Brooswing

Sam Yes

Broodwiung What Ur Gone Il destroy That Thing

Sam No U Wont

Broodwing What

(Sam Brings Broodwing Out The Megazord Broodwing Escapes)

Sam Ugh He Escaped

Crugger Guys Omni Is Grums Boss He Will Soon Come To Earth

The End

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Sam Vs Broodwing (In The Megazord)
Air date 2 October 2005
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Stranger26/User:Lego Master
Episode Guide
The Kat Fight

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