Plot Edit

Brad Is Shot By Teck-No Flungos Latest Warrior He Gets A Computer Viros And Starts Attacking The Other Rangers One By One While Beamster Makes A Alliance With Flemnagger

Triva Edit

Flemnagger Makes His Frist Apprence

Transcript Edit

(In The Base)

Brad Hey Guys I Brought A Computer For 60 Bucks Thats Cheap

Savro Brad You Know You Cant Get Computers For 60 Bucks

Brad Really (Sees The Tag And Sees It As 600 Bucks) Oh Fuck But I Payed For 60 Bucks Oh Shit Im Going To Get- Aww Well Dosent Matter

Flungo Ahhh Teck-No

Teck-No That Fool Has Tooken The Bait Even Know I Got 60 Bucks Insteed Of 600 Dosent Matter He Will Attack His Friends Soon

Beamster Once Im Trow With Flungo He Will Pay

Flemnagger Yes He Will

Beamster Who Are You

Flemnagger Im Flemnagger Ive Just Arrived On This Planet That Fool Flungo Will Be History

Beamster Wait You Hate Him

Flemnagger More Than Anything That Aggresvive Fuck

Beamster k

(In The Base)

(Brad Is On The Computer He Is Shot By Something In The Computer) Hello Rangers

Savro Hello

Brad Fuck Off Its Time To Pay Battleizer Laughs

Savro Brad Have You Gone Crazy

Brad Yes I Have Battleizer Ultra Blast




(The 7 Fall Out)

Brad Powerless Fools

Savro Its The Computer Weve Gotta Go In It

Jim Are You Silly That Computer Might Turn Us Evil

Savro Well Its Worth A Shot

(The 6 Run To The Computer)

Roponic No Brad Your My Friend

Brad Not Anymore

Flungo My Plan Is Working

Ometra No Master The Others Are Heading Torwads The Computer

Flungo Send The Upgraded Roxys After Them Nitwitts

Brad Ahh Yes




Jim Common Roponic

(The 7 Jump In The Computer)

Brad Ugh Corwads

Roxy 2 What Where Are The Other Rangers

Brad They Went Into The Computer

Roxy 2 Then Prappes Teck-No Destroy The City Red Ranger Your Going Into That Computer

Brad Yes My Pluser

(He Goes In It)

(In The Computer)

Savro Ther Must Be A Memery Core Or Something Like That

(Suddley They Appre In Pakman)

Jim Oh Shit No Pakman

Savro Head Up There

Brad I Dont Think So

Savro Lets Eat Our Way Trew Him

(Savro And The Others Eat Him And They Go Up They End In Temple Run)

Savro Fuck No Not This Game

Roponic Lets Just Go

(They Run Away From Brad And They Fall Into The Water They End Up In Call Of Duty)

George Oh Yes Call Of Duty

Calvin Fuck No

Brad Im A Zombie

Calvin Ok Lets Get Our Guns (They Blast Brad Then They End Up In Singstar)

Roponic Oh I Hate Singinng Games

Jim I Dont



(They End Up Outside The Temple)

Jim Ther In There

Savro Caufel Jim It Might Be A Trap

(A Big Temple Gard Appres)

Gard No One Goes In The Temple

Jim Lets Morph

(The 5 Morph)

Jim R.O.P Mode Blasters




(The 6 Go In The Temple And See A Peace Up The Top)

Jim There It Is

Brad I Dont Think You'lle Get It You Fools Had To Go Past All Them Games And While Your Trapped In This Game Tech-No Is Bizzy Destroying Your Preshes World

Jim Ok R.O.P Cannon

Brad Fool That Wont Destroy Me Im Invisable

Jim Fire



Jim Quick His Down Nows Our Chance

(The 5 Run Up To The Peace And Brake It They End Up Back At The Base)

Brad Wow What Happend

Jim Well You Were Shot By The Computer And It Made You Go Evil So We Went Into The Computer And We Went Into These Games And We Went Into The Temple You Stopped Us And We Destroyed A Peace

Brad Wow

Tech-No No Rangers In Sight

Brad Yeah Ther Is Actauley

Tech-No What

Brad And Im Trew Working With You

Tech-No Traitor

Brad Its Time BattleFleet Mode Fire Cannons




Flungo Ugh Im Getting A Headacke Growth Power

Tech-No Your Trew

Brad R.O.P Megazord R.O.P Speed Mode



Tech-No Ugh....Fools

George Brad Savros Uploaded A Dragon Mode That Will Destroy This Frog

Brad Yes Lets Try It Dragon Mode Fire Breath Strike




Tech-No You Are Fucked-




Brad That Was Stupid

Work Man (From The Computer Shop) Were Taking This Back Cause You Were Suspess To Pay Us 600 Bucks Not 60

Brad Oh Boo You Suck

(In The Fortress)

Souler Master Our Plan Fa- Oh No (Runs Over To Flungo Who Is Uncoshes) Are You Ok Master Master

(In Another Part Of The Earth Someone Is Wallking Into A Cave Its Reviled To Be Beamster)

Beamster Fools Soon Flungo Will Bal Down To Me Ahhh Yes This Commcater Will Allow Me To Contact Lorexx

To Be Contined.....

Technoalgey Attack
Season 1, Episode 18
Pakman Lol TA (Part 1)
Air date 14 April 2017
Written by Peter David/User:Swap29
Directed by James Barr
Episode Guide
Frozen Essents
Commbinded Power (Part 2)

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