Plot Edit

Eric Hears Of The Armor Of Elctro And Heads After It But The Rangers Get There Befor Him And Gain The Powers To Defeat Fraxs Warrior

Transcript Edit

Ransik FrAX Is Bwing a fool

Nadira Rlly?

Ransik Yes

Frax Elctro Warrior

EW Yes Frax

Frax Destroy The Rangers

Curcit so yea the Armmor Of elctro


Eric Shit

Wes His Ours

EW Timwes Up

Eric Qautrem Cannon Commbind Wth Raners Cannon


(The 2 Unmorph)

Eric ugh

Wes IT The Only Way To Destrroy this Warrior Is To Go After The Armmor Of Elctro

Eric Yes Aggred

Jen Were Here Huh Eric No

Wes Now Its Time

EW Well Rangers I Gotta Go (Leaves)

FraxU fool

EW No The Rangers Are Saying they Will Go After The Armmor Of Elctro

Frax Well Get Bak Down There u fool

Eric Yes The Armmor Of Elctro Il Be One Soon and The Rangers Wont Get In My Way

Wes Wtf I Heard That

Eric Yes Wesley Its A part Of My Plan

Wes Il Take These

Eric Qautem Cannon Bye Wes


Wes Armmor Mode Strike


(Eric Falls)

Wes Ha Now To TGo And Dewfeat That Warrior

EW Yes Ur Mine

Wes Guys Take These

Jen Shit Cool Armmor Elctro Mode

EW Wat

Wes & the 4 Rangers Styrike


EW No-


Frax Ransik Make My Warrior Grow

Ransik NO

Frax Fine

Eric Well That Was A Failed Test

Mr Colions u foolish garden make wes join ur pathetic team & yea So wes can be a baby baby baby

Eric NO! (Wallks off Ourt the rm

The End

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Eric & Mr Colion
Air date 21 October 2001
Written by User:Summer Time45
Directed by User:Pool 58
Episode Guide
Fraxs Foolishness
Lightspeed Returns Part 1

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