Plot Edit

Lord Arcannon Arrives At The Planet And A Battle Between Snide & Lord Arcannon Is Held While Koda Cant Open Waterbottles And Bees A Dickhead

Triva Edit

Lord Arcannon & Doomwings Frist Apprence

The Spikeballs Final Apprence As Ther Replaced By Arcannon Gards

Transcript Edit

Heckel Wrench I Want a Snide Megazord

Wrench Yes Master

Fury But What About Singe

Heckel Oh We'll Get Him

(In The Dino Base Koda Trys To Open A Water Bottle But Fails His Teeth Break)

Koda Shit

(A Astrode Comes Down To Earth)


Lord Arcannon This Planet Is A Peace Of Vomit Shit

Doomwing Aggred

Singe Yes Lets Crash It

Heckel I Don't Think So

Singe Oh Its Heckel

Heckel Yes

Snide Its Me

Lord Arcannon Ahhh Heckel We Finaly Meat Face To Face Remember The Last Time My Crew Came Down Here You Where Punchied I'm Here To Do It Again And You Will Smell My Poo

Snide I'm Not Smelling Shit

Lord Arcannon Yes You Are

Snide Enlarge

(Snide Megazord Comes)

Snide Tastle Some Bricks Lord Losser

Lord Arcannon Don't Worry Doomwing Fooled The Rangers Again Summon The Rangers Megazords And Don't Be Such A Pussy This Time

Doomwing Yes Master Dino Charger Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Lord Arcannon Snide will Bal Down To My Shit

Doomwing Aggred Ptera Scream




Snide Ugh Shit

Lord Arcannon I'm Going To Listen To Some Bon Jovi While I Kick Your Ass

Snide Ok You Can Blungo Milles




Singe Snide Your Weak Lets Crash Him

(In The Dino Base)

Kendall Guys Someones Summoned Your Zords

Tyler Who

Kendall Fucking Lord Arcannon

Tyler Ugh That Silver Ranger Fooled Us

Doomwing Lets Crash Snide

Snide I Don't Think So Smell My Blade

Lord Arcannon Keep It To Yourself Shithead

Snide No




Snide Ugh...Shit

Lord Arcannon These Are Upgraded This Time So They Will Defeat Any Foes

Snide Expect Selfdestruck Mode 3 2 1 Bye


(Snide Falls His Megazord Is In Bits)

(Lord Arcannons Crew Come Down)

Lord Arcannon Give Up Snide This Is Your End I'm Going To Enjoy This

Snide Oh No

Lord Arcannon Wait (Scartchers Butt) That's Better

Snide Oh No

Lord Arcannon Singe Burn That Cunt

Singe Oh Yes




Heckel Ugh Shit My back

Lord Arcannon Heckels Weak As Fuck

Heckel Ugh...No (Falls)

Singe Lets-

Tyler Stop Right There Who The Fuck Are You

Lord Arcannon Were New Friends

Doomwing You Were Foolish To Give Us Your Zord Data Lets Go

(Singe Picks Up Heckel Whos Sucking His Thumb Alseep)

(In Lord Arcannons Ship Who Used To be Called Snides Ship)

Lord Arcannon Put Heckel In Furys Cell

Singe Yes My Lord

Fury So What Happens To Us

Lord Arcannon You Serve Us We Will Crash The Rangers Dicks And Destroy Amber Beach

Doomwing Aggred

(Singe Puts Heckel In The Smellest Cell In The Ship)

Lord Arcannon Now Lets Fly Again

Doomwing Aggred

(The Ship Flys Again)

Lord Arcannon Singe A Warrior

Singe RubbleDust Will Take On The Rangers

Lord Arcannon Good Go Now I Need To Text My Girlfriend

(In The Dino Base)

Tyler So Lord Arcannons Returned

Keeper Yes And He Has The Dark Energem

Kendall We Need To Stop Him

Tyler Yes But How

Keeper Doomwing Also Has The Silver Energem

Tyler So....Yeah That's All

Keeper Yes Aggred

(In The City RubbleDust Attacks The Town)

Koda Rangers Lets Go

(The 7 Arrive)

Kendall Ok Dino Charger 8 Dino Plesio Mode Plesio Zoom Strike



RubbleDust Fool....You Cant Beat Me

Kendall Yes We Can

Tyler Dino Ultra Mode

RubbleDust Oh Shit

Tyler Dino Ultra Wings Strike



RubbleDust Ugh Shit-


Lord Arcannon That Warrior Isnt Down Yet

RubbleDust Aggred

Tyler Ok Ultramate Dino Super Mode Dino Ultra Strike




RubbleDust No-


Tyler Fuck Yeah

Lord Arcannon Argu Fuck This Singe You Are Stupid Fire The Arcannon Projecter

(Singe Fires It RubbleDust Grows)

Tyler Dino Ultramate Super Megazord Saber 2x Strike




RubbleDust Ugh....

Tyler I'm Opeing Up The Cannon Dino Ultramate Cannon FIRE




RubbleDust No-


(In Lord Arcannons Ship)

Lord Arcannon Ahhh Yes Lets Lock Heckels Sell The Fucking Fucking Retart

(Lord Arcannon Locks It Heckel Has Duck Tape On His Mouth)

Lord Arcannon You Stay There And Suffercate And Just To Make Sure You Suffer More (Poos On The Ground And Kicks It In Heckels Sell) You Will Eat That Oh Yeah And (Pisses On The Floor) You Will Drink That And (Shuts The Curtens) Your Locked Up There

Singe So What Happens Now

Lord Arcannon Oh (Pulls Out The Dark Energem) We Make This Universe Exticnt Laughs

The End

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Air date 30 September 2016
Written by User:Omyx


Directed by User:As I Return
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A Kendall Skeam
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