Plot Edit

James Starts Smokeing And Starts To Get Cancer (And Coughs) While He Has To Deal With Singes Latest Warrior

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Air date 31 October 2016
Written by User:NickFusi0n


Directed by User:Return Back Fools
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A Dino Universe
A Zeno Christmas


Singe Lord Arcannon Please Allow Me To Have 1 More Chance

Lord Arcannon Fine Get Me A Warrior

Imaginer Warrior Hello Master

Lord Arcannon Thats Master Arcannon To You

Imagier Whatever M8

Lord Arcannon Feast My Sorwad

Imager No I Can Make The Rangers Think Of Anything Witch Will Basciley Hurt Ther Heads They Will Die

Doomwing No You Will

Lord Arcannon Slliance Singe Take This Warrior Down If He Fails You Will Join Snide & Heckel

Singe Yes Master Arcannon

(In The Dino Base)

James Keeper Im A Better Smoker Than You

Keeper No You Are Not

James Um 1: Yes I Am 2: Look At These Phone Numbers I Got 3-

Tyler What You Dumped My Mother

James Ahh Yes It Was A Long Story

(In 1943)

James Oh Yes-



Kendall Guys Ive Got New Dino Charges To Test Out

Tyler kkk

(In The City Imager Attacks)

Tyler Oh S**T We Gotta Go

(The 7 Arrive)

James Whos This Rebble Scum

Imager Your Knightmare

Tyler Ok Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3 (Listing To Katy Perry)

Riley 4

Koda 5

Ivan 6

James 9

(Ivan Blastes Imager Imager Shoots Ivan Ivan Uses Dino Charger 26 And Races Strate Into Imager Imager Then Strikes Ivan He Unmorphs)

Imager Imagine The Fire In Your Brains

Tyler That Made No Sence What so Ever

Imager Fool Your Next




(Tyler Falls)

Imager Fools

Chase Shut Your Mouth Up

Imager Make Me




(Chase Falls)

Koda You Beast


Singe Laughs Hello Rangers Enjoying This

James Singe Your Going Down




(The 6 Unmorph)

Singe No Lord Arcannon Put Me In Charge Of This Warrior Now Prepper To Feel The heat

Tyler Oh No

Singe Suck My Candle Cock

Tyler I Dont Think So

Singe Really?

Tyler Summon Dino Ultramate Cannon

Singe Oh No

Imager Il Do It

Tyler Blast



Singe That Warrior Was Useless Anyways Fire The Arcannon Projecter

(Doomwing Fires It Singe & Imager Grow)

Tyler Dino Max Master Lamp Taffie Tung Megazord

Singe Fools

Ivan Meat My Megazord Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord Wolf Howe




Singe Ugh Shit...No

Imager Il Handle The Gold Prick

Ivan Ptera Sun Mode Megazord Sun Strike




Ivan Dead

Singe You Fools Got Lucky Today But Il Be Back

(In Lord Arcannons Ship)

Lord Arcannon What A Dick For Failing Me I Knew That Plan Was Going To Be Useless Thats Why Meat The Poo Room (Kicks Him In The Pooroom)

Snide Fucking Useless Cunt

Singe I Know You Are But What Am I Kiss My Behind

Lord Arcannon Have Fun Smelling My 4 Year Old Shit


(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Im Still The Better Smoker

James (Trows A Match At Him Keeper Burns)

The End

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