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Troy And The Rangers Go After The Bark Saber And Damaras Takes It Once They Get There Vekar Turns It Into A Warrior The Bark Warrior

Transcript Edit

Noah Hey Look Mr Burley I'm Playing Pokémon Go

Mr Burley IDGAS

Noah Well kkk

Mr Burley Sersley I Don't

Noah Ugh fuck u

Vekar That 1st Attack Was Useless As Hell Argus Get Me Another Warrior Or U Shall Feel My Fist

Argus But I Love Ur fist

Vekar Ugh Idiot

Damaras Master Megatrox Is Here

Vekar Well Deal With Him

(Megatrox Destroys Some Xborgs And Brusies)

Megatrox Hello

Vekar Megatrox U Remember My Father The Emperor

Argus Yes The Emperor Of The Xbox Games Ya

Vekar Would U Shiut Up

Argus No

Vekar I Want U To Deal With The Rangers

Levira Master I Found The Bark Saber

Vekar Very Well Get Me The Bark Saber

Megatrox Yes Master

Troy Hey Ernie Can We Change It Into Ernies Super Maccas

Ernie How Dose No Sound

Troy Fuck It

Jake Hey Lossers

Troy Jake Why Are U Here

Jake To Listen To George Michael Cos He Died The Other Day

Troy Whatever

Ernie Yeah Whatever

Megatrox Ahhh Yes The Bark Saber Is Here

Gia Hold It

Megatrox Ahhh The Girls What Fun

Emma Ya Know U Look Like Harrison Ford From The 1960s

Megatrox U Idiot Give Me The Bark Saber

Gia Come And Get It U Moron

Megatrox Oh I Only NeedThis (Shoots It)

Bark Warrior Hello Girls (Absorbs Ther Powers)

Megatrox Yes Lets Go And See Vekar

Gia Oh No U Dont

Megatrox Laughs

(The 2 Retreat)

Gia Oh Holly Shit Gosei The Bark Saber Is Gone


Gia Gosei What Do We Do


Gia Ugh fuck him

Megatrox The Bark Warrior Is Restored

Bark Warrior So Whatts The Plan

Argus Ive Got The Plan On The List

go and put it on the baby channel

go and get argus maccas

go and get some happy meals

and some baby t-shirts

put it on the baby radio staion

give argus a ball

give him more maccas

give him a baby game

give him lots more Cos His a bratt

Bark Warrior Not U U Fool Vekar

Vekar Go Destroy The Rangers The Both Of U

Noah Hey Jake Why Isnt Gosei Explainng More Shit To Us

Jake IDK Where Are The Girls

Ernie Are U Gay Jake

Jake No

Ernie Yes I Think U r Gay


Jake Huh Its A Attack

(The 3 Take Off)

Megatrox U Morons Are Really Big Pests Give Me The Energey

Troy Fuck Off

Bark Warrior U Asked For It Idiot

(Troy Goes Jungle Fury White Ranger Blasts Bark Warrior Into A Tree)

Troy Ha Where Are The Girls

Megatrox Bark Warrior Took Ther Powers They Are Fucked

Noah Well I'm Going To Stop U

Megatrox No Ur Not

Noah Space Silver Ranger

(Noah Shoots Megatrox It Dosent Hurt And Megatrox Shoots NoahHe Unmorphs)

Megatrox Fools

Vekar Yes The Rangers Are Fucked

Argus Yes I Need Some Bucks

Troy Ok Since Noah The Nerd Cant Handle Megatrox I Will Red Force Mode Super Red Force Mode Red Galaxy Ranger Spin Mode (Strikes Megatrox)

Megatrox Fool U Think U Can Defeat me I Am More Powerfuler Than U Can Ever Imagine

Troy No Ur Not Super Saber


Megatrox Ugh

Bark Warrior Them Fools Don't Know What I Can Do

Troy Ur Going Down

Bark Warrior I Don't Think So I Was The One Who Sucked The Girls Energey Now I Will Suck Yours

Troy No Super Strike


Megatrox No

Troy Ahh Yes Bark Saber

Megatrox It Dosent Matter U Will Still Be Destroyed

Emma Were Here

Gia Its Morphin Time

Noah Super Force Power Blue

Gia Super Force Power Yellow

Jake Super Force Power Green

Emma Super Force Power Pink

Troy Super Force Power Red

Megatrox U morons

Gia Lets Go Legendary White White MMPR

Emma Omega Ranger

Troy Dino Thunder White Ranger

Noah Jungle Fury White Ranger

Jake MMPR White Alien Ranger

Megatrox Now I Get To Destroy White Rangers

Jake White Saber


Megatrox Ugh

Troy Dino Super Mode Super Strike


Megatrox Aww Fuck me Dead-


Megatrox Ugh

All 5 Rangers Super Strike


Vekar Ugh Another One This Bark Sorwad I Must Get My Hands On It

Argus Yes This Dark Cord I Must Get My Band On It

Vekar Idiot Levira Saterlight Beem

Levira Aggred Saterlight Beem

Megatrox Laughs

Troy Super Megastrike Megazord Samurai Sorwad


Megatrox U Fools I Am Invisable

Troy Lets Go Ninja Storm Megazord

Gosei Yes Rangers I Should Of Told U Befor My Battreys Went Low

Troy What Is It Gosei

Gosei U Have The Legendary Megazords MMPR-Super Megaforce

Troy Oh Boo We Want Dino Charge And Ninja Steel

Gosei Fuck U troy U Don't Get Them

Troy Fine Wild Force Megazord Saber


(Megatrox Is Down)

Troy Omega Megazord Sting Hands

Megatrox Wait Can We Tallk This Though

Troy No Screw U Sting Strike


Megatrox Laughs...No

Troy Bark Saber Engaged Big Mode Strike


Megatrox No-


Mr Burley Troy I Told U To Clean My Desk U fucking idiot U Dint


Mr Burley Ugh U r So Foolish

(Gosei Calls Troy)

Troy What

Gosei Someones In Trouble

The End

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Air date 26 Feb 2014
Written by User:Yopont
Directed by User:Stranger26
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