Plot Edit

Chase Gets A Girlfriend And Has 69 With Her While Fury Gets The Map Locates And Heads After The Ptera Zord While Tyler And Koda Are Beat By A Sckim Warrior

Triva Edit

Offical Begginng Of The Gold Ranger Arc

Transcript Edit

Fury Yes I Have The Ptera Map Sledge Allow Me To Locate The Zord And Crash The Rangers Dicks

Sledge Go And If You Fail I Will Use Your Shaver

Fury Yes Sir

Tyler Um I Want A Girlfriend

Chase I Got One Here She Comes

(Chases Girlfriend Comes Down The Dino Base Slide)

Chases Girlfriend WOA WOA WOA

Chase Sersley Stop Saying That

Chases Girlfriend Ok

(In The Dino Café Some Drunk Dick Is Wallking Around All Drunk)

Drunk Guy Ugh I'm Drunk

Tyler Can I Be Drunk 2 Pls

Drunk Guy 1: No 2: Get Out

Tyler Whateves

Keeper Scugger Gegger Gess Ya


Fury Yes The Gold Ptera Zord Is Near Soon Il Be Powerful

Keeper Shit Furys Heading After The Fricking Zord Rangers You Gotta Go After Fury Huh A Attack

Kendall Guys Ive Gave You Guys A Dino Charger Dino Charger 26 Its Powerful As Fuq

Tyler Lets Go (Takes DC 26 And Goes)

Fury Fools Keeper Will Bal Down To My Beard

Stroke Warrior Silly Humans

Tyler Your The One Whos Silly Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3 Oh Wait (Texts His Girlfriend) Aww Yeah 69

Riley 4

Koda 5

Tyler Dino Charger 1 Dino Saber

(Tyler Slashs The Warrior He Shoots Tyler And Uses The Flex Strike To Demorph The Rangers)

Tyler Ugh

Koda Shit

Chase Ugh

Shelby No

Riley Ugh

SW Fools I'm The New Emperor

Riley This Warrior Is Tough

Tyler IKR Like Chases Girlfriend


SW Fools Il Finsh You

Tyler No You Wont Dino Charger Unleash The Power

(The 5 Morph)

Koda Lets Take It Strate To You


Koda Dino Flex Saber (Slashs The Warrior And Koda Uses The Dino Flex Gun To Shoot Him He Falls) Now What

Fury Now This (Shoots The 5 Rangers)

(They Unmorph)

Fury Fools I'm Going To Crash The Red Ranger

Tyler Uh Oh

Shelby Dino Charger 26 Dino Cannon

Tyler Reddy Power Our Charges Into The Cannon

(Tyler Puts His In)

(Shelby Puts Hers In)

(Riley Puts His In)

(Chase Puts His In)

(Koda Waits For 4 Hours And Puts His In Keeper Trows A Crystel At Him)

Tyler Dino Cannon Blast Engadge Fire



SW Ugh....No-


Fury You Were Weak Anyways Ahh Yes Whatts This (Picks Up A Charger Its Relived To Be The Ptera Charger) Now Il Summon The Ptera Zord Bye Fuckers

(Fury Retreats)

Tyler Ugh Shit

(SW Grows)

Tyler Dino Max Zord

Riley Dino Taffie Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Koda Dino Master Zord

Tyler Dino Master Lamp Tung Taffie Max Megazord Flesh Wip

(Tyler Wips The Warrior)

SW You Fool You Will Never Get The Ptera Charger

Tyler IDTS Your Going Down Dino Plus Cannon

SW Uh Oh

Tyler Blast


(SW Falls)


Tyler Dino Fucking Awesome

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Idiots Fury

Fury Yes Master Sledge I Got The Ptera Charger Soon Il Summon The Zord

Sledge Then You Will Summon The Megazord

Fury Yes Aggred

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper That Was Stupidness Rangers You Should Of Blasted Him In The Nuts

Tyler Yes But He WasA Flog

Keeper Eongh Weve Gotta Stop Him From Summoning The Ptera Megazord & Zord Other Wise Were Fucked

Tyler Yes Aggred Keeper

The End

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Air date 26 March 2015
Written by User:Echoson

User:Swap29 User:Ultra3000

Directed by User:Stranger26
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Tylers New Dog
The Ptera Fight (Part 2)

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