Plot Edit

Frax Is Founded By Ransik As He Ambushs Him Ransik Destroys Frax The Rangers Handle Nadira And Her Latest Warrior

Transcript Edit

Ransik The Rangers Keep Fucking Around Wth me

Nadira Send A Warrior

Ransik My Warriors Keep Getting Destroyed Oh Look 1 More Warrior This One Better Sucseed

Nadira Or Wat

Ransik Or Were Doomed Meanwhiole Time To Get That Idiot Frax

Frax Fools My Plans Going Shit


Frax Wat

Ransik U Betrayer

Eric Ransik

Ransik FOOL


Wes Ransik Its Over

Nadira No Its Not

Globeber Ha Ur Doomed

Wes Oh No

Nadira Oh Yes

Frax Ur Doomed

Ransik Ha Gotya

Frax Look Il bye u a big mac

Ransik Not Byeing it

Frax But Listen It Will Be Fun

Ransik fool


(Ransik Grabs Frax)

Ransik Goodbye Frax



Ransik Hes Gone More to Go

Nadira Yes

Globeber Yes Ur Doomed

Eric Qautem Cannon


Ransik No Fails Thats Eongh

Wes Wtf

Ransik Yes The Dark Sky

(the tv turns on And Alex Appres)

Alex Come bak Jennifer

The End/To Be Contined....

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 11 Nov 2001
Written by User:Energem

User:Knightpower 27

Directed by User:Power Over Him
Episode Guide
The Rangers Story
The End Of The Time Force Rangers Part 1

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