Plot Edit

After A Ruthless Mesogog Returns Tommy Asambles kira ethan & conner bak To become The Dino Thunder Rangers

TrAnscript Edit

Tommy Ugh No

Minun 2 Get Him

Tommy Come And Catch Me U Poza 3 2 1


Tommy Yea Esca-


(10 Yrs later)

Tommy Ahhh Much Better

Princeable Randll Tommy These Students Need To Suk On My Dik Befor They Have Class

Tommy Thats Gay

Princeable Randll Whatever

Mesogog Yes That Fool Lothor Wanted The Rangers To Suk His Hairy Dick Now Im In Charge

Tommy Um Ok U 3

Ethan Oh Wtf Is This

Tommy Listen Nigga I Dont Take Shit

Ethan U Punk

Kira Lol

Conner Im Going To Go To Soccer

Elsa So Is This Shitr Reddy

Mesogog Yes Zeltrax Now

Zeltrax At Once Mesogog

Tommy Ok U 3 Stop Fucking Around U Fuckwits


Tommy Wtf Do U Want

PR Do Not Swear In Frount Of These Idiuots Or Il Sl- Um Call The Coppers

Tommy Oh No Not Them

(Tommy Remembers A Time)

Tommy Yea Fuck Off Niggas

Police 2 Tommy ur Going To Jail


Tommy Ha Thanks Magic Cox

MC np


Tommy Least I Have cox Wth me

PR Ugh Just Dont Swear

Tommy Ok So We Get Down To Bussness Fucking Bussness

PR Did I Hear Swearing

Tommy Oh Here Comes Sexy Mama


Tommy Whatever

(Tommy Is Pulled On The Ear By PR)

PR Sit There And Think Abut Ur Behaver

Tommy Go Fuck Urself




Tommy Wtf Was That Oh Shit

(Tommy Runs To The Class)

Tommy U 3 Come

Ethan Wtf Was That Shit

Tommy No Its My Balls Theve Grown 2 Big

Ethan Whatever

Tommy No Mesogog Has Returned

Conner Yes And Hews Bak To The Same Old Same Old

Kira Least He Whatever

Tommy Heres Ur Morphers Go

Conner Yes

Zeltrax U Niggas Need To Learn A Lessen

Conner Fuck Thats Big

Tommy Conner Call The Goilf Megazord

Conner Golf Megazord

Kira Ur Going Down

Zeltrax Never Strike


Tommy Guyas Summon The Blaster It Can Destroy The Scumbag

Conner Blaster

Zeltrax No


Conner Yes Victory

Mesogog Elsa Zely Failed I Dont Want To See More Of Them Or U Can Bal Down To My Feet

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Tommy Punching The 3 Rangers
Air date 26 Feb 2004
Written by User:Power Over Him

User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Of Ther 2
Episode Guide
The Fate Of Ninja School Part 2
The Fortress Eggs On

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