Plot Edit

Loki Attacks The 6 Rangers Also Olmpuis Goes After The Ark Crystel That Can Give The Rangers Ultra Modes

Transcript Edit

Mitchell Rangers Carter HasA New Battleizer Also IveFound A Thing

Carter It Can Give Us Ultra Modes

Vypra Master Please I I

Olmpuis U WAT

Vypra Nothing

Loki I Have A Plan Cox Warrior

CW The Rangers Will Pay

Loki Yes Now Lets Go

Ryan So Evrey thing Is Yea

Dana Where were U All Tis Time

Ryan I WasTrying To See y the Demons Had Returned Yea That Bullshit

Dana kk

Loki Yes And Ur Next

Ryan Lightspeed Power Stay Bak Baby Sister

Loki So Silver Ranger I Seem Very Foolish


Ryan Ugh

Loki Times Up

Ryan Blaster


CW Yea Rangers Rangers Being Very Foolish

Carter A Attack

CW Ahhhh Red Ranger

Carter Blasters




Carter Ryan Come And Help Us

Ryan Yea But Loki

Loki Ha


(Ryan Unmorphs)

Loki Another Time We Will Meat

Ryan U Wont Get Away Wth This

Loki Oh Yes I Will

Dana Loki Lightspeed

Loki Fool




(Dana Is Knocked Out)

Loki Hey Olmpuis I Dewfeatyed 2 PAthetic Rangers

Olmpuis Not Good Eongh Im Going After The Ark Crystel

Carter Ugh


CW Yea

Ryan U Lightspeed POWER

CW Fool

Ryan Commbind Our Weapons


Olmpuis Yes The Crystel Its Mine Wat

CW Please

Ryan Blaster Cannon


Olmpuis SIGNAL

CW Yes Now Whos In Trouble

Ryan Swap Megazord Final Strike


CW Impossable-


Ryuan Yea

Mitchell Huh The Ark Crystel No Olmpuis Got It

Ryan So Now Wat

Mitchell 1 Of U Will Have To Go In And Get Thre Ark Crystel Iyt Can Give U Ultra Modes

Ryan I Will

Mitchell Yes Aggred

Ryan Ha (Wallks Outy Of Lightspeed Rescue)

The End/To Be contined....

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Air date 1 November 2000
Written by User:Pool 58
Directed by User:Socking Is Fun :P
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