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After Damaras Fail The Emperor Sends Levira She Gets Destroyed Quickley By Orion And The Rangers Are All Ambushed By Mavro

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(In The Villians Area)

Redker That Flog Damaras Failed The Worthless Bastard Levira Your Turn To Show The Rangers Whos Boss

Levira Yes

Mavro My Kingsmen Are Gone Destroy Them Fuckers For Destroying My Servents

(The Rangers Are At The CC)

Gosei Yes They Are Nearly Destroyed You Only Got Mavro Redker And Levira

Orion Then We Can Have A Break

Gosei Yes

(The Rangers Go In The Skyship Again And They Are Blasted Down By Redker)

Redker Yes That Was A Good Shot Il Crash Them

Troy Who The Fuck

Redker Who The Fuck What

Troy Lets Morph

(They Go Force Mode Then Super Force Then Legendary Force Mode Troy Strikes Redker 2 Times And Redker Falls He Shoots Troy)

Redker Weak

Troy No Your The Fucker That's Weak

Redker Oh No I'm Not Levira Come In Your Vekar/Levira Megazord

Troy Not Again

(She Comes In The Megazord Troy Summons The MegaStrike Megazord Levira Blasts It And Shoots It She Slashs It She Then Strikes It It Falls)

Troy Ugh Its Destroyed

Orion Legendary ThunderBolt Megazord

(Levira Strikes It It Falls Orion Gets Back Up And Uses The Drill It Strikes Leviras Megazord It Breaks Down)

Levira That's It I Got Eongh Power To Selfdestruck It On Your Heads 3 2 1 Bye


(The 2 Megazords Are Destroyed)

Troy Ugh (Gets Out Of The Wreckige)

Emma So Why Are We All Here

Orion Because We Just Got Defeated

Troy Wheres Levira

Emma Shes Destroyed Weve Won

Mavro No You Havent Rangers Suffer The Cannon





(The 6 Unmorph)

Mavro Its Time

Gia & The Other 5 Ultimate Force Mode

(The Rangers Run Up)

Troy Lets Summon Our Ultimate Megazords

Mavro You Cunts are Nothing Aginst My Power

Troy Oh Yeah Then Lets See Ultimate Megazord

Orion ThunderUltimateBolt Megazord

Mavro Mavro Megazord

(Mavro Blasts The 2 With The Milles He Shoots The Rangers Megazords In The Middle Then He Strikes It It Falls He Steps On It Its Destroyed Orion Shoots Mavros Megazord)

Orion Lets Selfdestruck This Shit





(The Megazords Are Destroyed)

Orion Ugh

Troy Mavros Gone

Mavro Laughs You Simpleton I'm Invisable Redker Come Down This Planet Shall Bal Down To My Cock

Troy No

Gia Gasp

Orion You

Jake Uh Oh

Noah No Way

Emma Oh Man

To Be Contined....

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Air date 17 November 2014
Written by User:Roads

User:Swap29 User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Stranger26
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Damaras Plan
The Emperors Fall

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