Plot Edit

Where The TF Rangers Head Bak To 3000 While Ransik Attacks The Earth Wth His Wrath Wes & Eric stand Up To Ther Best To Face This Force

Transcript Edit

Jen Shit The Dark Sky

Nadira Ha


(they Go bak To The CT)

Jen hey Look Its Alex

Alex Jen u must go bak To 3000 That Place Is Not Safe The Sky Will Become A Vortex

Jen kk

(the 4 Leave Wes Behind And Leave)

Wes Well No More

Ransik Yes The Vortex Of Sparro

Nadira Watts That Gonna do

Ransik Scugger Gegger Gess Tis


Nadira No Way

Eric U

Nadira Wat

Ransik Die


Wes Commbind

Eric Qautem Cannon


Jen Were Here

Alex yes Taylpor swift Preseed


(Jen Gets Out)

Jen Whatever

(Others get out to & leave)

To Be Contined/The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 11 Nov 2001
Written by User:Letter guy


Directed by User:Power Over Him
Episode Guide
The Defeat Of Frax
The End of The Time Force Rangers Part 2

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