Plot Edit

Kendall Bonds To The Energem Sledge Sucks The Earth Up In A Black Hole And The Rangers End Up In Babbie Shows

Transcript Edit

Fury Master The Plesio Zord And The Purple Energem Are In The Rangers Posions

Sledge Yes We Need A Plan

Curio I Don't Belive You Havent Thought Of Sucking The Whole Planet Up

Sledge WOW WTF MAN That's Actley A Good Plan I'm Going To Destroy This Planet

(In The Dino Café Keeper Is Wallking Around Nood)

Tyler Keeper Put Some Clothes On You Look Like A Dick

Keeper Slliance Now Rangers Poisandra Was A Hudge Vagina And She Got Destroyed Weve Gotta Take Te Fight Up To Sledge

Tyler Aggred By How

Keeper Um....You Figer That Out

(In Sledges Ship Sledge Shoots The Sun And It Shoots The Earth The Sun Turns Into A Vortex And Starts Sucking Shit Up)

Keeper Its A Bit Chilli In Here

Tyler Mayham I Aggre

(The Rangers Are Knocked)

Ivan Ugh Vermon Scum

(The Purple Energem Falls On The Ground And Kendall Picks It Up Bonding To It)

Kendall Shit This Is Crazy

(Ivan And The Rangers Fall Into The Dino Base)

Keeper What Is Happing

Ivan The Wind Is Crazy

Tyler Lets Morph Dino Charger 1 Huh Oh Fuck Wtf Is Happing

Fury Ahh Fools They Cant Morph

Sledge That's Good Soon Il Rule Humanity

(The Rangers Fall Out Of The Dino Base Chase Then Gets Mad)

Chase I'm Getting Fucking Triggered Cause Of This Shit

(In Sledges Ship)

Fury Ahhh Yes Sledges Plan Is Working Perfectley Soon The Rangers Will Fall To My Sorwad

(In The Town The Rangers All Fall Into KFC Tyler Gets Accusses In His Morpher)

Tyler Guys Ive Got Accusess

Ivan Lets Get Some KFC

(The 7 Get Some KFC)

Tyler Now Lets Morph

(The 7 Morph)

Tyler Oh Yeah

(The Rangers Then Fly To Sledges Ship)

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Fools What The Rangers Are Coming Wrench Fire The Baby Beem

Wrench Yes Sir (Fires The Baby Beem)

(The Rangers End Up In The night Garden)

Tyler Oh Shit

(Ivan Looks Around In The Green House)

Ivan Sersley Wtf Is This Shit

(Green Day Comes)

Billie Joe Armstrong Were Going To Do A Good Song

Tyler Fuck Them

Billie Joe Armstrong Whateves

(The Rangers Get Out Of In The Night Garden And Go Thomas)

Tyler Sersley Train BS

Fat Contraler Hey What The fuck Are You Doing Here

Tyler Nothing Fat Cunt

(Tyler Morphs And Blasts The Shit Outta Fat Contraler They End Up In A Looney Tunes Show)

Tyler Oh Hell Not This.....

To Be Contined.....

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Air date 26 November 2015
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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