Plot Edit

After RJ Becomes The Rangers new Master They Gain A Cannon They Use It To Destroy The Soul Beast/Warrior

Transcript Edit

(RJ Arrives bak At the New Base Thing Wth The Others)

RJ I Saved u

Casey Hey Listen Old Man I Dont know Who u r But I We Were Fine


Casey Yes We Were Arm Wessle Me

RJ Fine

(RJ reaks Caseys hand)

Jarrad/Dai Shi Fools Ur All Useless

Camlie yes We r Master

Jarrad/Dai Shi Ahh Fuck Off My Useless Warrior

Soul Warrior Im Here Dai Shi

Jarrad/Dai Shi Soul Warrior Go to The Human World And Destroy them

SW Yes

Casey Listen Wtf r We Becomeing Power Rangers For This Is A Silly Reason

RJ No Master Mao Would Of Wanted it

Casey Fine



Casey Lets Go Jiungle power

SW Its Time For Destroction

Casey Were Here

SW Red Ranger Ur Mine


Casey Blaster


SW No-


Casey ugh Finaly

Dai Shi/Jarrad That Warrior Was Weak As Shit

Camlie Yes Now What

Dai Shi/Jarrad Kenko Power Ya


SW Yes

Casey Now What

RJ Casey Call The Trackor Megazord

Casey Trackor Megazord Yea I Wish this thing Blowed Up

Lilly What

(Pauses fr a minture Then KABOOM)

Theo U Fool

Casey Again Trackor Megazord

SW Fool


Casey Trackor Sabewer


Dai Shi/Jarrad Thaty Warrior Was Weak Anywaty Soon

RJ Yes U Did Good Ur The Power Rangers

Casey Fuck Yea We r I Took A Pitcure of Lilly When I Blew The Megazord Up

Lilly (Looks At it) GGGGGGGGGGGGG

The End

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Air date 8 Feb 2008
Written by User:Migster7/User:Samueljoo/User:Yopont
Directed by User:Digifiend
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The Jungle Returns
Posion Returns

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