Plot Edit

Tommys Powers Start To Fate Away Fast After They Face Lord Zedds Latest Warrior

Transcript Edit

Lord Zedd Ahh Yes Tommys Powers Are Fateing Away Fast Goldar U Have Failed We'll Use The Green Rangers Powers And Then There @Will Be No More Green RangerMAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Scorpina Yes This Plan Will Work As Good As Ritas Final Alust On Earth


Jason Ugh

Caption Hanging Out Wth Ur Girlfriends I See Jas

Jason Quit I Dont Hang Out Wth No Girlfriend

Caption REALLY

Jason YEA

Captoion Eongh

LZ Behole The Clog Warrior

Clog Warrior Yes I'l Take Therangers On

LZ Go And Do Not Fail

Clog Warrior Yes At Once

Goldar Why Lord Zedd

Tommy Huh Theres A Attack Puttys

Goldar Ahhh Green Ranger

Tommy Green Power

Clog Warrior Ahhh The Green Ranger Ur Powers Are Mine

Tommy No Ugh


Goldar At Last The Fall Of The Green Ranger

Tommy Ugh

Trini Saber Strike


Goldar Wat Uh Go Away


Goldar :)

Jason Really I Hate How Ur Foolish

Goldar Its Time To Fall Down To Zedd

Tommy No Saber Strike


(Tommy Unmorphs)

Clog Warrior 1 Power Ranger Down 5 To Go

Trini Really Lets See


Clog Warrior Batrey Power


(the 4 Unmorph)

Tommy Ugh Guys Jason where Is He

Clog Warrior Ur Mine Tommy

Tommy Green Power Ugh

Clog Warrior Ahhh Bye Bye Green Ranger-


Jason Ur Mine Guys Lets Finsh Him

Clog Warrior Wat Red Ranger U Foiled My Plan

Jason And Im Just Getting Started

Clog Warrior U Fool


Jason Saber Slash


Clog Warrior Lord Zedd...........Now

LZ Grow

Clog Warrior Hahaha

Jason His Mine Spring Megazord Spring Ticket

Clog Warrior Pathetic Red Ranger

Jason Fire


Clog Warrior U Shall Fall


Zordon Jason I Hae A Mode Its something B-B-J-S-N

Jason Bobby Josln

Zordon No BABy Jason :)

Jason Damm It


Jason Wow This Is Good Armor

Clog Warrior More Trash To Trash

Jason Final Saber Slash


LZ Yes AsA Part Of My Plan

Goldar Wait What

To Be Contined (In Green Plans Part 1)/The End)

The Fall Of The Green Ranger
Season 2, Episode 24
Tommys Powers Are Fateing Away
Air date 11 September 1994
Written by Jarrad Waite (as Wait)

Patrick Dangerfield (as Danger)

Directed by User:Pillowcokie
Episode Guide
Jasons Brain
The Power Of The Pills

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