Plot Edit

Ethan Bess Silly When Mewsogog Shoots Him In The head Tommy Uploads A New Megazord For The rangers Witch They take down Zeltraxs (mesogos new minun) New Megazord Down Wth it

Transcript Edit

Mersogog Foolish Zeltrax

Zeltrax It Was Ther Ugh Mentors Fault


Mesogog It Was Urs

Zeltrax Yes

Mesogog Ive Had Eongh

Tommyu Ok Guys Since My Dik Is Reddy Today Since We r Learing Abut Sex


Conner U r Sersley A Noigga

Ethan Fuick Off


Ethan ugh Hey Tommy Lets Learn Abut Condoms

Tommy kk


Ethan Wow Ther For Sale

Tommy Yep

Kira Wtf Is Tommy Doing

Conner Tallking Abut Condoms

Hayley Ugh Thats Foolish

Conner IKR

Mesogog Zeltrax I Shoot Ethan He'll Be A Silly fool Wtyh Dr O 

Zeltrax Yes

Conner So Dr O And Ethan r A Attack

Zeltrax Conner Ur A Nigga

Conner Srry But Im White

Zeltrax It Dosent Matter Feast My Blade

Conner Ha


Zeltrax After u Feast My Blade U Will Suk My Dik

Conner Never

Tommy Conner W8 For Ethan To Arrive Hes Got Something For U

Ethan Guys Im Here

Conner Wtf Is That

Ethan Raptor Cannon


Zeltrax U Will Pay......Its Time Mesogog

Mesgog No Not Yet Go In Ur Zord

Zeltrax Yes How Do U Like This Rangers U Will Feast My Sorwad Witch Wants Its Ugh Whatever Ur Still Going To Be Destroyed

Conner No Ur Out Strike


Mesogog Foiol Next Time He Wont Be So Lucky

Conner Well That Was Fun

Ethan Aggred Ugh

Kira Um Tommy So Now What


(the 3 Run Out)

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Tommy Teaching The Kids About Sex & Condoms (Idiot)
Air date 3 March 2004
Written by User:Returned 16
Directed by User:Jawsattack 34
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The Dino Begins
A Argue

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