Plot Edit

Vile Usres The Zeo Crystels To Turn The Rangers Into Kids While Finster Is Destroyed By The Rangers Befor That Goldar Attacks The City All In A Plan Of Master Viles

Transcript Edit

Prevley On MMPR Ernief

Vile Yes Now My Next Plan Begins

And Now

Tommy So The Flodge Armmor Thars It

Zordon Yes Rangers Thats It I Was Too Lazt To Get Off My Butt And Do Anything

Billy I Think Weve Got A Attack

Vile Rangers U Shall Fall

Billy No Flodge Armmor


Vile Flodge Pathetic Blasters


Tommy Shark Cannon At U

Vile At Him


(adam Unmorphs)

Vile This Is Fun

Kat Shinng Armmor Shinng Strike

Vile Moiss Me


Vile Now To Shut U Up


(the 5 Unmorph)

Vile Yes Rangers Rangers On The Ground Time To Destroy U

Vile Ahhh Now My Next Plan

Tommy White Power

Vile Power Of The Zeo Crystel Fire


(Tommy Unmorphs & The 6 Turn Into Kids)

Vile U Rangers Are Babys Babys

Tommy No Its Morphin Time


Finster Time To Destroy U

Ninja Take This


Vile No U Fool

Ninja Ha

Vile I'l Slash U


Tommy We Gotta Retreat

(The 6 Escape)

Zordon Wtf

Alpha 5 There Kids Zordon

Tommy We Gotta Slove Something

Alpha 5 Contac-



Goldar Rangers Feel My Wrath

Tommy Fuck Its Goldar

To Be Contined.....

The Frist And Only
Season 3, Episode 66
Air date 20 Jan 1996
Written by User:amazing Spine

IUser:Retro Day Peter David

Directed by User:Pillowcokie
Episode Guide
Command Chase
Alien Rangers Return Pt 1

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