Plot Edit

Kendrix Dreams Of Having A Powerful Weapon InHer Hands Called The Solo Saber and Is Destracked By That Whewn They Face Scorpuis Warrior

Transcript Edit

Scorpuis Trakenna Yes U Got A Plan Come Heck Warrior

HW Yes Mastrer Il Do Anything For U

Scorpuis Fool Stop Tis Foolishness

HW Sorry

Scorpuis Destroy The Rangers

HW Yes

Kendrix Guys Ive Seen Them Wth Stuff The Siolo Sorwad

Leo Its Too Powerful A Attack

HW Rangers

Leo Ur Miune

HW No Rangers Ha


Kendrix We Need The Solo Saber

Leo Not Now Kendrix

Furio Wat No The Rangers Tis Is Scorpuis's Doing

Leo Saber Strike


Deca Commboind Ur Weapons

Leo Weapons Commbind Yea



Furio Seeds

HW Yes Im Bak

Leo Galaxy Megazord Saber Strike


Scorpuis FURIO

Furio Yes Master

Scorpuis Ur Got Nxt Turn

The End

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Air date 12 March 1999
Written by User:Ultra4000
Directed by User:Of Ther 2
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Leos Choise
A Reapless Way

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