Plot Edit

After Xandrend Gets A Headacke Octoroo Sends A Warrior To Destroy The Rangers While The Rangers Are Thinking About Times

Transcript Edit

Dayu Plewase Master Allow Me

Octoroo Aggred

Xandrend NO

Dayu Fine

Xandrend RexHunter Destroy The Rangers Soon Halloween Will Be Ours And There Will Be 0 Rangers

Kevin So Wtf Are These Pumpkins

Emliy Ther Fat & Lazy

Jayden No Lets Remember Times Like When We Frist Became Rangers

Jayden Mia Kevin Mike & Emliy Samurai Power

(The 5 Fight & Destroy The Mogger)

SW U think Ur Tough

Keviun Aww Yeah That Was A Blast

RexHunt Ahhh The City Is Mine

(Blasts It)

Mentor Lets Remember When Antino Came Onto The Team

Oct5roo I Wiull Destroy U

Jayden Oh No

Antino Im Here Stop It Octroo

Octroo Its The Gold Ranger

Antino Gold Power

Octroo Fool

Antino OctOZord Good Side

Jayden Yeah We Were Invisable Wth Him

RexHunter Laughs Foolish Rangers

Ji Rangers A Attack

Jayden On Hollween Lets Go

RexHunter Ahhh Stupid Rangers U Wanna Peace Of This




RexHunter I'm Ur Knightmare

Jayden Stogun Saber


RexHunter No U Fool


(Fires All Around)

Jayden That's It Slap Saber

Ji Jayden Use The Boxer Mode To Destroy RexHunter

Jayden BoxerMode Sper Final Strike


RexHunter Laughs Your No Match For Me I Will Destroy U

Jayden Tresst Snoop Megazord Formations Its Time To Crack Ur Egg

Antino Guys I'm Here ClawZord Claw Megazord

Jayden Saber


RexHunter I Am Too Powerful



Antino Ghoul Mode Super Mode Super Strike


RexHunter No I Am T9oo Powerful-


Antino Gold Power Rules

Dayu So U Failed

Xandrend Shutup Just Shutup

Jayden 1 More Time When We Got The Claw Megazord

Antino Aww Yeah Best Time Ever

Deker Il Smash U

Jayden No

Antino Hey U Get Off My Zord

Deker Ahhh Fishmen Ur4 More Stupider Than I Thought

Antino Saber


Deker Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-


Antino Claw Megazord Good Side

Jayden Then We Became Powerful

The End

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Air date 31 October 2011
Written by User:Death88


Directed by User:Stranger26
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The ClawZord Attacks Part 2
Regation Of A True Samurai

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