Plot Edit

Fury Contines To Struggle Contral Over A Creature Inside Of Him While Tyler Is Being A Pussy And Puts On A Show (To Show Off To Shelby)

Transcript Edit

(In The Dino Museim Tyler Is Carreing Milk On A Trolley He Tips 1 Over)

Tyler Whopps Clumbsey Me

Shelby Why Are You Doing This

Tyler Um Because I Love It

Shelby Its Dumb

Tyler Ok That's Just Your Opion

(Chase Comes Skateing In The Room And Plays Some U2 In The Background)

Tyler Aham Wtf

Chase Shut The Fuq Up Bono Is Playing Have Some Respect For A Old Man

Tyler Whatever

Chase -___________-

(Shelby Comes In Looking All Stupid After Screwing Her Makeup All Over Her Face)

Shelby I Look Retarted

Fury Master I Have A New Plan Il Use The Rangers For A Trap So I Can Finaly Destroy Em

Sledge Shut Up Wrench Bring In More Spikeballs

Wrench Marballs

Sledge No Not Marballs Spikeballs

Wrench Bullkballs

Sledge Ugh Idiotoc If You Fail Me Again I Will Use Your Head As A Pillow Like That Dumb Fucker Curio Is My Pillow

Fury Whatever (Goes)

Keeper Rangers Ive Called You Guys Here (Lights A Smoke) Cos Of Furys Prisner

Tyler Hey Can I Have One

Keeper Sure M8 (Gives Him 1)

Tyler Mayham This Is Fun (Lights The Smoke)

Keeper We Need To Rescue Furys Prisner

Tyler kkk

(Prince Philp Arrives)

Philp Out Of The Way You Cuntless MotherFer

Tyler Who The F- No Not You Again You Failed Experment

Philp Whateves M8

Tyler No Your The Asshole That Came Into Our Base And Beed A Dick To Us So Fuck Off

Philp No You Are The Villian That I Must (Stops) Hey Wait Are You Smokeing

Tyler Yeah I Was Yelling At My Kids Yestaday

Philp Ok Can I Have One

(Keeper Trows Him One)

Keeper There

Philp Thanks (Lights It) These Are Actley Not Bad

Tyler IKR

Philp Now Anyways The Gold Energem

Tyler Sorry But The Cat Took It

Philp Oh The Cat In The Hat kkk (Rings Up Mike Myers) Your A fucking idiot For taking the gold Energem Return It To Me At Once)

Mike Myers Wtf Are You Tallking About (Hangs Up)

Philp Ugh Fool He Is (Leaves)

(They Are Driving On The Road When Ships Attack Them Prince Philp Falls On His Ass And The Smoke Falls In His Ass)


Fury Yes I Have TheGold Energem Now And I Will Destroy You With It

Philp Oh No Mummy (Sucks His Thumb)

Fury Baby (Kicks Philp)

Chase Hey You Stop Being A Idiot And Go Away

Fury Oh No I Have The Gold Energem Now

Chase Sersley I Have The Black Energem Wanna See My Name In Bon Jovis Writteing

Fury Yes Sure (Sees It) Plusser Seeing That (Shakes His Hand) Now Il Have To Go (Retreats)

(In Sledges Ship)

Fury Master I Got Chases Name In Jon Bon Jovis Writteing

Sledge No One Cares Fury

Fury :(

Sledge :)

Fury Oh

Poisandra Get Out There You Dick (Wacks Him With The Wip)

(Fury Goes Back To Earth)

Fury That Bitch Poisandra Will Suck My Power (Summons The Ptera Zord Then The Megazord)

Tyler Oh Shit Summon Zords Taffie Max Lamp Tung Master Megazord

Fury Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Tyler Ok Times Up (Charges To Fury)

Fury Ptera Sorwad Ugh No The Fucking Idiots Taking Contral (Falls Out Of The Megazord)

Tyler Ok Fury Times Up

Fury Ahhh Yes Its Time To Show You Whos Boss

Tyler Dino Charger 13

(Tyler Goes Ultra Dino Mode)

(Tyler Blasts Fury Then He Slashs Him TYhen He Shoots Him With The Ultra Blast Fury Is Wacked And He Falls)

Fury Ugh.....I Will-


(The Gold Energey Escapes Fury)

Fury You Fool


Tyler Hey Dad

Ivan Who The Fuck Are You

Tyler Oh Its That Nutcase Again

Ivan Yes Its Me

Tyler So Why Are You Here

Ivan Because My girlfriend Sent Me Here

Tyler k

Fury You Asshole Ivan

Ivan No I'm Not The Asshole You Are And I Have This (Shows The Gold Energem To Fury) Now Time To Show You Real Power Dino Charger 6

Fury Oh Fuck

Ivan Dino Charge Gold Ranger

Fury Fucking Idiot (Charges To Ivan)

Ivan Ok Ive Had You Gold Ptera Saber (Slashs Fury Slashs His Nuts)

Fury Oh Fuck Wtf M8

Ivan Theres More Where That Came From


Poisandra Yes Sir

(Fury Is Wacked)

Ivan Want More

Fury No I Don't But They Do

(Spikeballs Attack Ivan)

Ivan Wing Mode Wing Fire Strike




Ivan Oh Yeah

Fury Idiot

Poisandra Gold Ranger Il Fucking

Ivan Wing Zap Strike




(Curio & Poisandra Are Shocked They Fall)

Ivan Now Anyone Else

Wrench Yeah Me

Ivan Oh Your Easy Dino Ultra Mode Dino Charger 43 Dino Pixel Strike




Wrench Ugh....Strong Fucker

Sledge Ugh Failers Enlarge My Warrior

(Spikeballs Grow)

Ivan I'm Going To Break That Spell

(Ivan Goes In The Ptera Megazord And Breaks The Spell)

Ivan Its Mine

Spikeball 2 Yes Your Mine

Ivan Fuck Off

(Ivan Uses The Ptera Saber To Wack Spikeball 1)

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord Wolf Howe (Strikes The Spikeballs)




Ivan Rest In Peaces Scum

(Back On The Ground)

Ivan Hey Did You Eonjy That

Tyler Meh It Was Ok

Ivan Yes Lets Go Back To The Base

Philp Sirrer Please I'm Sorry For being A Dumb Cunt Befor Allow Me To Make It Up To You

Ivan Well There Is 1 Thing

(Philp Burns The Smokes Keeper Had)

Keeper Fucking Idiot Now I Gotta Drink Beer

Tyler & Philp Got Some

The End

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Air date 10 September 2015
Written by User:NickFusi0n


Directed by User:Zonator
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The Ptera Megazord Fight
Ivans Idea Fails

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