Plot Edit

Mondo Sends The Drum Warrior And He Makes 3 Rangers Under A Spell Leaving Adam & Tommy To Fix This All Up

Transcript Edit

Mondo U Fools


Manchina It Was Our Baby Sons Fault

Mondo Aggred


Sprocket Ugh

Drum Warrior BANG BANG BANG The Drum Goes In

Mondo Ahhh Yes The Perfect Warrior To Destroy The Rangers

Drum Warrior Yes I Am

Mondo Go Down And Do Not Fail Me

Tommy Hey I Got A Pitcure Of The Gold Ranger

Kat That Is A Dumb Pitcure

Zordon Kat Ur Foolishness Has To Stop

Kat Really

Drum Warrior Humans BANG BANG BANG

Tommy Mondos Warrior

Kat Bak To Action

Drum Warrior Ahhh Power Rangers Ur Fools

Gold Ranger No Ur Mine

Drum Warrior Gold Ranger


Gold Ranger Ugh

Tommy Gold Ranger

Gold Ranger NOI HIS MINE

Drum Warrior Hey 3 Of U BANG BANG BANG

Kat Ugh

Tommy We Gotta Retreat

Mondo Yes Drum Warrior Ther Under A Spell Of Condition

Manchina Now WATTS Our Next Plan

Mondo The 3 Remainng Rangers

Drum Warrior They Will Be Easy Look Out Rangers Ur Next

Tommy The Gold Ranger Was Hit Down

Zordon We Need To Find Out His Idnety

Tommy Aggred

Adam Um The Drum Warriors Back

Tommy Bak To Action

Drum Warrior Ur Moine

Adam No

DW Think Again


Adam Ugh

DW Wait For It BA-


Gold Ranger U Want Him Get Past Me

DW No Probbs


Gold Ranger Thunder Saber


DW Fool-


Mondo No The Gold Ranger Sprocket Ur A Good Babyu Guy Go Play Dolls

Sprocket Ugh No

DW U Think Im Done For Im Not (Goes Big)

Tanya Were Back

Tommy Zeo Slash Megazord Finshing Sabers


DW Mondo King Im Sorry-


mONDO The Gold Rasnger Foiled My Plan Get Rid Of Him

Sprocket KK

The End

The Gold Zeo Crystel (Episode)
Season 4, Episode 85
Air date 19 August 1996
Written by User:Stranger26
Directed by User:Ultra4000
Episode Guide
The Gold Man
Trey Ambush

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