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Philp Finds The Grey Energem And Plans To Bond With It He Bees A Idiot And Tries To Do Stupid Stuff To Bond With It Like (Wipeing His Ass On The Toliet After Doing A Shit On The Loo) (And Trowing Glass Cups At It) While Fury Starts To Plot Aginst Sledge And His Crew

Transcript Edit

(In The Kingdom Of Shit The Workers Find The Grey Energem)

Lady 5 We Brought You The Grey Energem

Philp Yes Insteed Of Doing Good Deeds Il Do Stupid Deeds

(In The Woods The Rangers Are Fighting Spikeballs)

Ivan This Scum Shall Go

(Ivan Then Contacts 911)

Lady On Phone Police Ambalance & Fire Darpartmeant How Can We Help You

Ivan Um You Can Come And Give Me A Back Stracther

Lady Whatever

(Ivan Hangs Up And Strikes The Spikeballs & Vivix)

(Later In The Dino Café)

Tyler So How Do We Find The Grey Energem

Ivan We Must Look In Our Pockets

Tyler No That Din't Work Last Time Wait That Was My Dick

Ivan kkk

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge So You Think You Can Sucseed This Time IPad Warrior

IPad Warrior Yes The Grey Energem Is What Your After Allow Me To Destroy The Punks

Sledge Go

(Philp Is In The Toliet He Does A Sloppy Poo On The Loo)

Philp Oh Shit

(Btw You Cant See It You Can Only See The Door Outside The bathroom)

(Philp Then Trows A 1976 Cup On The Ground Lady Cuts Her Foot)

Philp This Energem Isnt Bonding To me

Lady 2 Its Because Your-

Philp Slliance Maybe If I Show My Ass To Th-

Lady 2 No That Wont Help

Philp Good

(IPad Warrior Is Looking In A Shed The Rangers Appre)

Tyler Hey Guys Befor We Face This Cunt Selfie

The Other 5 Selfie

IPad Warrior You Were Weak The Last Time You Faced Me

Riley Yeah We Din't Have Skill Its Morphin Time

(They Morph)

IPad Warrior Vivix Handle Them Poxridden Assholes

(Vivix Attack The Rangers)

Tyler Ok Dino Charger 69 Flex Saber




Spikeball 2 Weak

Tyler Ok Lets Take This Up Dino Charger 88 Dino Max Mode Dino Max Strike


IPad Warrior Fool


(Tyler Unmorphs)

Tyler Ugh Shit Philp

Philp Stand Down Monkey

Tyler Wtf

(Philp Sees A Monkey Witch Is Actley IPad Warrior)

IPad Warrior Fucking Idiot You Are

Philp No Your The Idiot Grey Energem Bond With Me

Ivan Oh Shit He Has The Grey Energem

Kendall Rangers Speak Chiness

Ivan Fuck Off

IPad Warrior Il Delate The Energem

Fury No You Wont

IPad Warrior Whos Going To Stop Me

Bruce Wayne I Will

IPad Warrior Laughs

(Thunder Comes He Turns Into Batman)

Batman I Will Defeat You

Ivan Oh No Someone Get The Energem Off Philp

Chase I Will

IPad Warrior I Don't Think So


(The 5 Unmorph)

Ivan Ugh Shit

IPad Warrior Hand Me The Energem

Philp What Hand You The Condom

IPad Warrior No I Don't Want The Condom

Philp Oh Shit Wait Theres Chases Sister Fury Attack Her

Fury Nah I'm Fine

Chase Wtf You Idiot

(Philp Kicks IPad Warrior In The Nuts And The Energem Bonds With Him He Morphs Into The Grey Ranger)

Philp Dino Charger 79 Raxe Saber




(IPad Warrior & Fury Fall)

IPad Warrior No....That Grey Cunt

Ivan No Your Going Down IPad Warrior

Philp Yeah Monkey Dino Charger 28 Dino Fyn Mode

IPad Warrior You Idiot

Fury Hey You Can Handle The Dumb Fuck (Retreats)

IPad Warrior Wait Fury

Philp Your Going Down Fyn Cannon Fyn Strike





Fury Yes Enlarge

(IPad Warrior Grows Keeper Appres)

Keeper Here Are 2 Dino Charges To Form A Trasformer

Ivan Don't You Mean A Megazord

Keeper tbh Ivan I Don't Give A Fuck

(Keeper Goes)

Philp Rangers Il Handle This Chump Fyn Stump Ghost Megazord Ghost Mode Ghost Blast Strike




IPad Warrior You Fool

Philp I'm Going To Shut You Up Dino Stump Strike




Philp Now I Gotta Text My Girlfriend

(Philp Texts His Girlfriend)

"hey honey I Become A Ranger"

(She Texts Back)

"I'm not Seeing You Anymore Because You Act Dumb"

Philp Fucking Idiot

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Now That 7 Energems Have Been Found Theres 3 More To Go

Philp Yes Then We Can Celbrate My Birthday

Keeper Fuck Your Birthday M8 Its f***ing Stupid

Philp Screw You

Ivan So Whatts The Next Plan Keeper

Keeper Finding The Other Energems

The End

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Air date 16 October 2015
Written by User:Swap29

User:Ude William

Directed by User:As I Return
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