Plot Edit

Mack Follows The Monster To The Power Mode Where He finds out the Moster Dosent Want To hurt Anyone And Wants To Save The Humans While Moltor Battles The Rangers

Transcript Edit

Mig Benjo The Rangers Were Easy As Fuck

Benjo We Destroyed Ther Megazord

Mig Yes Now We'll Destroy The Other Villians


Mack Ugh the Fearcats

Spencer Yea They Killed Ur

Mack Megazord

Andrew Yea Tharts y If U Get The Power Mode U Will Get A Megazord

Kamdor Them Fearcats Them Idiots

Mira IKR Ther Getting Annoyer And Annoyer Evrey Day


Miratrix Yes

Kamdor Calm Down Mira We Will Soon Strike The Rangers

Mack Ok The Power Mode Should Be Here Somewhere

Moltor Yes It Shoiuld (Gets Saber Reddy)

Mack Overdrive Power Ya


Moltor I Will Destroy U


Mack Yes Ya


Moltor Ugh I Must Go

Mack Yes inaly The Power Mode Power Mode Extra


Mack Yea

Kamdior What U Have The power Mode We'll Il Show U Whos Boss

Mack U Extra Saber


Kamdor My Sorwad

Mack Now Backoff

(Kamdor Retreats)

Mira Ur Weak As Heck And Now The Rangers Have ThaT Extra Mode

Kamdor Yes I Know But I Have Plans

Mira Yea Right

Mack Yes

Tyzonn Monster Form Ha


Mack Nigga Thats Hot

Tyzonn MF Yes But I Must No

Mack Wow He has A Human Form in him

Andrew Oh Finaly U Got The Extra Mode

Mack Shutup U Faggot

Andrew Lol

Mack Fag

Andrew GET OUT

To Be Contined

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Air date 18 April 2007
Written by User:Swap29/User:Ultra3000
Directed by User:Brianultimatedragon
Episode Guide
Flash Of The Mode
Tyzonn Returns

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