Plot Edit

Tyler Trys To Show Ivan Porn But Ivan Dosent Want To See Porn While Furys Latest Warrior Gives The Other 4 Rangers melenoma

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(Tyler Skids Down The Slide Into The Dino Base)

Tyler Hey Ivan Wanna See Some Porn (Gets Some Porn Books Out)

Ivan No I Don't Like Porn

Keeper Really? You Got Girls The Other Day

Ivan Whatever M8

Tyler No BS You Like Porn Lets Go To Page 78

(Tyler Flicks Trow It And Page 78 Is Ripped)

Tyler Hey Who Riped Page 78

(Tyler Looks Around And Sees Koda Eating It)

Tyler Idiot

Keeper (Smokes) Ahhh Much Better

(In Sledges Ship)

Poisandra Ugh That Pussy Poisandra Got Me Into Trouble That Bitch Will Pay

Poisandra Fury Sledge Wants To See You

Fury Fine (Goes To The Bridge) Yes Master Sledge

Sledge Get A Warrior And Post My Mail In The Post Office

Fury Yes Sir (Gets His Mail And Leaves He Drops 1 Letter In The Hallway)

(In The Dino Café Ivan Is Looking For His Phone)

Ivan Where Is My Phone

Tyler Um IDK

Ivan Whateves

(In The Dino Musiem)

Ivan Ahhh Yes I Must Look For A Sharp Sorwad

(Ivan Sees A Girly Sorwad)

Ivan Who Brought That

Kendall None Of Your Bussness

Ivan Whatever Man

(At The Post Office Fury Puts All Of Sledges Mails In)

Fury Ahhh Much Better Mela Warrior

MW Yes

Fury Destroy The Rangers

MW Yes

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Now That Weve Got 6 Energems We Gotta Start Looking For More

Tyler You Said That Yestaday

Keeper Yes I Did

Koda Yoda Koda

(Keeper Shoots Koda)

Kendall Rangers A Attack

(The 6 Rangers Go To The Battle)

MW Laughs Fools

Koda Lets Morph

(The 6 Morph)

(Riley Summons Charger 19 And Gets The Axe Sorwad)

(He Shoots MW With It But MW Shoots Him He Unmorphs)

Koda Riley No

(MW Strikes Koda He Unmorphs)

Ivan Oh Shit Ther Going Down

Chase Not For Long (Strikes MW With The Flex Sorwad But MW Slashs Him He Unmorphs Shelby Attacks MW But Is Striked She Unmorphs)

Ivan Wow Ther Weak

MW Yes I Gave Em A Gift (Retreats)

Ivan Oh Shit

Tyler Oh Man Anyways Idc What Was The Gift

Ivan It Was Fairy Tales

Tyler Whatever M8

(In The Dino Base Keeper Has The 4 Rangers In The Toaster)

Keeper They Will Get Better In There

Kendall Sersley Guys Ive Made A New Dino Charger Dino Charger 88

Keeper Cool

Tyler Can It Summon Porn

Keeper No It Cant Tyler So Stop Being A Luntick

Tyler -_____-

Ivan Maybe It Can Give Us A New Mode


Kendall Yes Its A Mode Its Your Zord Modes

Ivan Cool

(In Sledges Ship Sledge Is In The Hallway And Sees 1 Letter On The Ground)

Sledge What Fury You Moron (Sees The Letter Is To Maroon 5) Fucking Fury

(Fury Comes In Eating French Fries)

Fury These Are Yum

Sledge You Moron (Trys 1) Actley Ther Not That Bad

Fury Yes

Sledge Now Where Was I You Dropped 1

Fury So Sorry Master Il Deliver It

(Fury Goes)

Kendall Ive Descovered What The Warrior Gave Em Melemnoma

Keeper Really

Kendall Yes

Kendall They Will Die

Keeper Oh No Ahhh Well Time To Watch The 1st Episode Of Last Season

(Keeper Watchs It)

(Tensou Gets The 5 Poxridden Teenagers

Judd Huh Whatts This Place

Gosei Wrong Teenagers

(Telports Em)

Keeper Laughs That Was Fun

Kendall Ugh Gosei Was A Dick


(MW Attacks The City)

MW Laughs

Tyler You Stop Right There

Ivan Yes Aggred Were The Police

Tyler We Are

(Tyler Thinks In His Head The 2 Arrest Guys Robbing A Back)

Tyler Ahhh Good Times

MW Your Next To Get Cancer

Tyler No Dino Charger 1

Ivan Dino Charger 6

(They Morph)

Ivan Lets Summon Dino Charger 88

(The 2 Summon It)

Tyler Oh Fuck Dino Max Mode

Ivan Ahhh Yes Dino Ptera Mode

Tyler Dino Max Strike

Ivan Dino Wings Strike



MW Ugh....No

(The Cancer Goes Away)

Kendall Oh Shit The Cancers Gone

21 Pillots No It Hasnt

(They Sing A Dumb Cancer Song)

Keeper Really GTFO

Riley Lets Go

(The 4 Go)

21 Piolts Fuck You Keeper Party Pooper

Keeper Ahh Yes I Am

MW I Am Your Knightmare

Tyler Oh Yeah

Shelby Were Here Sexy Man

Ivan Yes Nana You Are (Pats Her Head)

Shelby Fuck U Ivan

(The 4 Morph)

Tyler Dino Charger 13

Shelby Dino Charger 14

Chase Dino Charger 15

Riley Dino Charger 16

Koda Dino Charger 17

Ivan Dino Charger 18

(They Go Dino Ultra Mode Ivan Uses The Ptera Strike Blast And It Strikes MW)

MW Ugh...

Tyler Guys Kendalls Created A New Dino Charger Its The 88th One Dino Charger 88 Dino Max Mode

Koda Dino Charger 88 Dino Master Mode

Riley Dino Charger 88 Dino Taffie Mode

Shelby Dino Charger 88 Dino Tung Mode

Chase Dino Charger 88 Dino Lamp Mode

Ivan Dino Charger 88 Dino Ptera Mode

Kendall Guys You Can Go Your Other Modes 2

Tyler Dino Fucking Awesome

MW Fuck

Tyler Dino Sper Strike


MW Ugh

Tyler Oh Shit Love That New Move

MW But You Will Love Cancer

Tyler Oh Yeah

Ivan Dino Ptera Wing Strike


MW Laughs

Riley Lets Commbind This New Weapon Dino Charger 88 Dino Master Max Lamp Ptera Tung Taffie Cannon Fire


(MW Falls)

Sledge Ugh Fury Your Back

Fury Yes

Sledge Enerlarge My Warrior

(MW Grows)

Tyler Dino Max Tung Taffie Lamp Master Megazord Dino Master Blade


MW Hahaha

Tyler Oh No

MW (Strikes The Megazord It Falls And Is Destroyed)

Tyler Oh Shit Weve Lost The Megazord

Ivan Not Mine Ptera Charge




(That Megazord Falls)

Ivan Ugh Shit

Kendall Rangers Ive Safed Your Downloads From 5 Weeks Ago When You Got Hacked So I Can Restore The Zords

Tyler Yes

MW That Wont Do Anything

Kendall NOW

Tyler Dino Taffie Master Tung Lamp Max Megazord I'm Going To Try A New Mode Dino Jump Lamp Tung Master Taffie Megazord Jump Stick Strike




Ivan Ptera Strike




Tyler Awww Yeah

Sledge Ahhh Yes Fury Failed Again

Fury Hey (Smokes) I'm Bizzing Watching Famliy Guy Peters A idiot

Sledge (Shoots The TV) That Show Is Rude

Fury And Funny

Sledge Fuck Off

Kendall Guys Now That I Restored Your Shit Ive Been Hacked

(Kendalls Computer Is Fucked Up)

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 2 October 2015
Written by User:Ültimate Hydrä X/User:KordaSix/User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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Ivans Idea Fails
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