Plot Edit

As Dai ShiEscapes And Master Mao Dies The 3 Rangers Return To Being Power Rangers

Transcript Edit

(Mastewr Mao Goes to the Box Of Doom where he Sees The Syumboll Of Doom

Master Mao u will Not escape this time vile Creater

UKV Wrong


Master Mao Ugh

UKV I Am Dai Shi The Conqer Of Worlds This is ur final Doom


Casey Come on Please

Old man No u listen here u Little Shit

Casey ugh

Jarrad Ha

(Jarrad Pushs Casey)

Jarrad Revenge

Casey Whatever

(Jarrad Then Goes)

Master Mao U 3 Come here Now

Casey What is it

Master Mao Dai Shi Has Escaped

Casey Wtf But He Was Destroyed By Us

Master Mao Yes That

(In The Final Fury)

Dai Shi U Will Nv Defeat me

Casey Lets Use Our Sprirts

Dai Shi What

Casey Strike



Master Mao Then

(11 Mounrths Later)

Dai Shi HAHAHA Im Free

Master Mao Not For Long Ya


Master MAO He Escaped Just Today

Jarrad Yes U Were Foolish Old Man

Master Mao Not Now Jarrad

Jarrad Yes

(Wind Comes And Dai Shi Goes In Jarrad)

Jarrad Finaly (Shoots Master Mao) Have Fun Wthout Ur Worthless Master (Then Leaves)

Lilly Master Moa

Master Moa Go to the pizza Place And Get Ur new Master (Dies) (Suddley Awakes) Aww Yea Watch Out For Bears (Dies)

Lilly Wtf

Casey Lets Goi

Jarrad/Dai Shi Yes Finaly

Casey So He told Us To Go this Way

Theo Ugh Fuckiong Jarrad Il Fucking Kill The Cunt


Jarrad/DAi Shi I Am Ur Knightmare

Theo No

Camlie Hahahaha Foiols

Theo Oh No



The End/To Be Contined

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 1 Feb 2008
Written by User:UltiVerse/User:Sammyistheawesomest
Directed by User:Digifiend
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The Cold Way Part 2
The Entrance Of The Rangers

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