Gasket Is On The Run From Mondo Mondo Tracks And Shoots Him Archina Is Destroyed as Well By Mondo Gasket Swears HisRevenge On Mondo 

Transcript Edit

Zordon Its Gasket In The Desert

Gasket That Fool Mondo Is Shitting Me

Archina But Mondos


Archina His Coming Closer

Mondo Fee Fi Fo Thumb I Smell Some Love

Archina Ur Fathers Close To Us

Zordon Rangers Go Battle Mondo

Tommy Yes Zeo Power

Jason Gold Power

(The 6 Go To Battle Mondo)

Jason Mondo

Mondo Back Off


(Jason Unmorphs)

Tommy Jasoin No

Mondo Back Off Rangers Im Going To Destroy My Foolish Son And His Girlfriend

Gasket Yes Thanks To The Rangers Mondo Is Destracked

Jason Ugh Mondo Ur Mine

Mondo I Have No Time For Tis Foolishness


(The 5 Unmorph)

Mondo Now To Getr My Fool Of A Son Gasket He Will Feel My Power

(Mondo Telports)

Archina Wtf Are We Suppses To Do

Gasket Hide From

Mondo Me Yes Gasket

Gasket Ahhhh My Foolish Fatrher

Mondo Im More Smarter Than U Dumb Cunt

Gasket Keep Dreaming

Mondo Ok


Archina No Gasket Please Destroy Mondo-


Mondo Now U Escape

Gasket As I Said Befor Keep Dreaming (Gasket Escapes)

Mondo Fool Next Time I'l Destroy U

Tommuy So Mondo Is After Gasket

Zordon And Archina Is Destroyed Mondo Destroyed Hewr

Tommy Fuck Now Its Time For King Mondo To Pay

The End/To Be Contined

The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 2
Season 4, Episode 100
Air date 18 November 1996
Written by User:Nuggets66
Directed by Mike Smith
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The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 1
The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 3

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