Plot Edit

After Achina Is Destroyed Gasket Planets A Viros In The Zeo Cannon Mondo Finds Out And Finds Out Hes Base And Tells Him To Get The Fuck Off This Earth Or He'll Destroy Him Gasket Says No And He Escapes

The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 3
Season 4, Episode 101
Air date 18 November 1996
Written by Charlotte Fullerton

Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 2
The King Of The Mancine Empire Part 4


Mondo Ugh Gasket Escaped

Sprocket But His Girlfriend

Mondo Yes His Girlfriend Was Weak

Manchina His Girlfriend Was DestroyedBy Mondo 

Gasket I Have A Plan RTo Destroy The Power Rangers

Snow Warrior I'l Fix The Rangers Up

Gasket Speed Warriort Planet This On The Zeo Cannon So When The Rangers Use It It Will Destroy Them

SW Yes My Leach

Zordon Tommy Its Time Summon Ur Jet Mode

Tommy Jet Mode


Tommy Wtf Was That

Zordon Its A Warrior

Jason Gold Power

Tommy There He Is

SW Ahh Rangers Very Exicted To See U Here Today Laughs

Jason Gold Saber


SW Ahhhh The Gold Ranger


Tommy Cannon

SW Now


Tommy Ugh

SW Gotta Go

Tommy Wtf Did He Do

Kat IDK But It Cant Be Good

Mondo So The Son Of Minw Has Planted A Viros In The Cannon

Sprocket King Mondo I Bal Down To

Mondo Shutup

Manchina I Have a Plan

Tommy So Wat Is It

Alpha 5 AViros

Jason Oh Shit

Tommy Wat

Jason Tommy That Can Blow U Up

Tommy K?

Jason No And Then U Will Be Defeated

Tommy O Shit

Gasket No My Plan Is Failing SW Get Here

SW Yes

Gasket Arrase Ther Memeries So They Forget Watts On The Cannon Or Il Arrse URS

SW I Cant Sirrer Bring Back Forgetter

Gasket Yes Thats A Good Idea But WHERE IS THE RESTORER THATS RIGHT WE DONT HAVE ONE Attack The City & The Power Rangers

Jason We Need To Use Something Else Than The Cannon

Tommy His Back

SW Yes The Rangers Shall Fall

Jason Saber Strike


SW Gold Ranger Take This


SW So How Dose It Feel Having A Viros In Ur Weapon

Tommy Cannon

Jason Tommy No

SW Yes Tommy Yews


Jason No

Tommy Ugh

Jason Tommy

Tommy I Was ...Very Foolish Doing This

SW Yes The Cannons Gone

Jaspon For Life But Ur Not 

Zordon Rangers Ive Used Eongh Power Here Is The Steel Mode

Jason Steel Mode

SW Steel Mode Still Not Powerful For My Blaster

Tommy Shoot It


SW Wat

SW U Think Thats Going To Stop Me Think Again UR WRONG (Goes Big) Now Im Mad

Jason His Big

SW Yes Time To Battle


Jason Tites Megazord Gold Strike


SW Why Evreytime U Power Rangers Will Die Someday-


SW Yes Fools Mondo My-


Jason Ur Mine Gold Saber


SW Why-


Zordon Goodjob Rangers Defeating The Warriors

Tommy Now Wat

Zordon :P Notrhing

Mondo Its Time

To Be Contined/The End

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