Plot Edit

Chase Meats Kaylee And He Becomes Her Boyfriend While Singe Returns To The Planet

Triva Edit

Heckel Meats Kendall Again And Becomes A Worker At The Dino Cafe He Will Work At The Café Till Ep 14 When He Betrayes Em

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Air date 6 March 2016
Written by User:Toe Stumbler
Directed by User:Ben10fan3
Episode Guide
Shelby And The Dinosaur Who Ate Her Lunch
A Auqa Return


(In The Dino Base)

Kendall So Guys Next Megazord Fight You Will Be Able To Use The Dino Super Drive Mode

Koda Yay

(A Spaceship Is Coming Down To Earth It Crashs Singe Comes Out Of It)

Singe Fools Now Time To Betray Heckel Again

Snide Ahhh Singe You Think Your Going To Betray My Ass Again No Your Not

Singe I Dint Say That I Want To Help You Defeat The Rangers

Snide Fine But If You Fail And Betray Me I Will Use Your Head As A Candle

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Hey Tyler Heres 5 Bucks Go To KFC And Get Me A Krusher

Tyler kkk

(Tyler Goes To KFC And Gets Him A Krusher)

Tyler Can I Have A Sip

Keeper No GF

Tyler Ugh

(In The Dino Café Heckel Is Wallking)

Heckel I Want A Job

Kendall kk

(The City Is All Quiet Untill Explosions Are Heard)

Singe This City Is Pathetic

Ivan Yeah Who tf Are You

Singe Im Singe Your Knightmare

Ivan Who Are You Working For You Vermon

Singe Thats....None Of Your Bussness


Ivan Ugh

Singe Stupid Boy

Ivan Im Not A Boy Im A Power Ranger Dino Charger 6

(Ivan Morphs Gets Reddy To Battle Singe)

Singe Ugh Lets Go Round 2

Tyler So Ive Heard Brittney Spears Is Hot

(Koda Dripbls)

Tyler Idiot

Kendall Rangers Ivan Needs Your Help

Tyler k (The 5 Go)

Singe You Moron

Ivan Dino Charger 88 Dino Ptera Mode Dino Ptera Strike




Singe Ugh...No-


Fury Ahhh So Your Weak Il Handle These Pricks

Tyler Your Going Down Fury

Fury Oh No Im Not

Ivan Ha Singe Is Weak

Singe No





(Ivan Unmorphs)

Shelby Oh No

Singe Your Next Pinky

Shelby No Im Not Dino Charger Blast


Singe That Was Weak As Fuck Now Let Me Show You Whats Not ​Weak As Fuck





(Shelby Unmorphs)

Tyler Oh Shit 2 Rangers Are Down

Singe You'lle Be Next

Fury No Il Scartch Ther Asses

Singe Dont Be Gay And Il Finsh Em

Fury No Screw You




Fury Ugh....Mummy

Singe Whatever You Rangers Will Be Next If You Shit Me (Retreats)

Heckel So You Defeated 2 Rangers

Singe Yes Master Heckel Ive Got A Warrior

Heckel No Were Going To See If Your Stronger Than That

Singe Laughs Yes

(In The Dino Base Shelby & Ivan Are In Hostapull Beds)

Tyler Oh Fuck Singe Was Tough As Fuck

Riley So Whatts The Plan

Kendall You 4 Have To Shut The Warrior Up

Koda Aggred

Chase Lets Go Guys

(At KFC)

Tyler So...Lets Get Some Popcorn Chiken

Fury Ya I Dont Think So

Tyler Ok Fury Time To Meat The Heat Dino Charger 1

(The 4 Morph)

(Tyler wacks Fury Out Of KFC)

Singe mmm Fury Weak I See

Fury Shut Up

Tyler Dino Charger 88 Dino Ultra Mode Dino Ultra Blast




Singe Thats Fucking BS Im Tougher Than Your Pitty Modes

Tyler You Sure About That Dino Charger Dino Max Mode

Kendall Tyler Go Super Mode

Tyler Ok Dino Super Max Mode Wow Oh Yeah

Singe Your Still Weak

Fury Ugh....Fool I Will Have My Sexy Revenge (Retreats)

(In Snides Ship Snides Watching The Rangers Fight Singe)

Snide Yes This Battle Is Going Good I Just Need More Time

Fury Master....Fire The-


Snide Your Weak Your Not Powerful Unlike Singe

Fury Yes IK (Falls)

Snide Fucking Were Going To Do Some Trainng Fury

Fury (Mones)

(In The City)

Tyler Dino Charger 27 Dino Cycle


Tyler Oh Shit

Singe Fuckintg Weak Peace Of Shit


(Singe Burns The Cycle)

Tyler Oh Fucking Hell

Singe Now Im Going To Go

Chase Not So Fast

Singe Fools


(Chase Falls)

Heckel Enlarge My Warrior

(Singe Grows)

Singe Kiss My Big Ass Rangers

Tyler Oh Fucking Hell

(In The Dino Base)

Shelby Oh...No He....Is To Powerful

Ivan Aggred....Let Me Grab My Sorwad (Grabs A Pillow The 2 Go To Sleep)

Keeper Aw Fucking Hell Get Up Your Friends Are Going To Die Out There

Ivan Fine

(The 2 Race)

Tyler Oh Fuck Were Doomed

Singe Im Going To Scartch My Ass With You Red Ranger (Preppers To Pick Him Up But Is Blasted)

Ivan Your Going Down

Singe Oh Not The Gold Ranger


Singe Very Well Then Prepper To Be Destroyed

Ivan Oh Yeash Ptera Engadge Forcer Mode Forcer Strike


Tyler Dino Super Max Tung Taffie Lamp Master Megazord

Ivan Dino Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Tyler Lets Shut This Fool Up

Ivan Ptera Sun Wolf Megazord Sun Blast

Singe Laughs


Singe Fool Im A Candle Fire Cant Destroy Me

Ivan Oh Fuck What Are We Going To Do

Kendall Rangers Go Super Dino Drive

Tyler Super Dino Drive

Singe Super Dino Retarted

Tyler Dino Axe Strike


Singe Ugh...I Gotta Go And Watch My Favrote Show (Retreats)

Tyler Ugh...That Was BS

(In Snides Ship Fury Smells Smoke And Sees John Cena In His Room Its Actley Singe)

Fury So You Think You Can Steal My Room You Thefif

Singe Yes I Can Heckel Said He Also Said You Get The Smellest Room In The Ship

Fury Sersley 2 Words Fuck You

Singe :) Thanks

(Fury Goes To His Room Witch Smells Like Poo)

Fury Fuck This

(In The Dino Base)

Tyler So Dino Super Drives Awesome

Kendall Yes And Your Battleizer Is Nearly Reddy

Keeper Guys I Have Some Bad News The Auqa Energem Has Been Located



The End  

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