Plot Edit

Wth 5 Rangers Casey & Dommnick Have A Fun Rival While Grizzaka Puts A Spell On RJ RJ Becomes Evil

Transcript Edit

Grizzaka U Shadow Gards Are Stupid And Useless

Jellica Wow His Taking It Out On The Shadow Gards

SG1 Master Please It Was

Grizzaka Its Ur Fault I Havenrt Destroyed Any Human Skell Warrior

SW Yes

Grizzaka Destroy The Rangers And Dont Let Me Down Like These Shadow Poffters

SW Yes Sir Look Out Rangers Ur End Is Near

Dommnick Yes The Rino Megazord Its A Awesome Megazord

RJ Guys Im Creating A Commbo Wth The Rino Megazord Wth The Jungle Megazord

Dommnick Bullshit We Dont Need This Commbo U Speak Of I Can Take The Shadows On Myself

SW RANGers Come Out


Casey Huh Who r U

SW Ur End


(Fires All Around)

SW Il Take The White Ranger All By Myself

Dommnick Really u Weak Peace Of Shit

SW Really U Havent Got The Gutts

Dommnoick Yea I Do Saber


SW Ugh....

Dommnick Rino Blast


Shadow Gard 2 Ha

Dommnick Shadow Gards

SG2 This Is Ur End

Dommnick Ok Shadows Stage 2 Saga Saber


SW Weak Shadows Il Take The Rangers On

Dommnick Saga Strike


SW No-


Dommnick Finaly

Grizzaka Stupid Rangers Big Form

SW Now Look At Me U Fuckers Il Crash U


SW Yes Il Crash Ur Punny World

Casey RJ That Commbo

RJ Ive Done that Ive Made My Own Megazord Wolf Megazord

Casey U Done That Formations

RJ Yes

Casey & Dommnick Jungle Rino Megazord Shadow Gards

RJ Dont Worry We Can Take em

Dommnick Saber Strike


RJ Wolf Blade


Shadow Gard 2 No-


SG1 No-


SW Uer Weak

Casey Jungle Strike


SW No-


Casey Yes Finaly

RJ Now We Can Rest

Grizzaka Oh No U Cant



RJ Ugh

Dommnick RJ Whatrts Wrong

RJ Nothing Fools

Casey Uh Oh His Starting To Sound Werid

Grizzaka That Spell Will Make RJ Evil Soon He'll Destroy The Rangers

The End

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Air date 7 October 2008
Written by User:Death88/User:Westeren Account
Directed by User:Ernief0000
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