Plot Edit

The Silver Morpher Is Stolen By Zhane While The Rangers Are Having Trouble Wth The Poxridden Warrior

Transcript Edit

POrevley On In Space Ernief

Daronda If I Am To Get Rid Of Dark Specter & Astromea And Gain More Powers I Have To Make My Next Move

Darkonda Wat The Silver Morpher Of Corse Look Out Astromea Ur Dead Meat

And Now

Andros Ugh

TJ Dont Worry We'll Get The Silver Morpher

Andros No The Villians Know Were After It So There After It Now

Astromea Elicpter Send A Warrior To Destrack The Rangers Wth While We Go After The Silver Morpher

Elicpter Yes

Poxridden Warrior Yes The Rangers Are Doomed

Old Man The Silver Morpher Was Created By Me the Legend

Zhane Rlly I Have To Get That Morpher

Old Man And it was 54 Yrs Ago

Astromea IDTS Old Poot

Old Man Ur mother dint teach U Lessens Astromea

Astromea Fool


Zhane No Step Back

TJ So we all Aggre That We All Go After The Silver Morpher

Andros Yes

Carlos Aggred

Poxridden Warrior Rangers Ur Mine

Andros Fucking Hell

Astromea The Morpher Belongs To Me

Zhane No


Zhane Its Not Urs fool

Astromea Wat

Elicpter Ahhh The Silver Former Silver Ranger Yes

Astromea Get Rid Of Him

Zhane U Shall Feel This Silver Power

Old Man Wtf

Zhane Silver Blaster


Elicpter Ugh

Astromea Thats It


(Zhane Unmorphs)

Astromea U Think U Can Defeat Me Boy

Elicpter Il Get It

Zhane Ya Ya


Astromea This Guy Is Starting To Shit Me

Zhane Im Outta Here (Zhane Escapes)

Poxridden Warrior Hahaha

Andros OIm Sik Of This Trydo Cannon


Poxridden Warrior Ha


(The 5 Unmorph)

Poxridden Now Ur Doomed

To Be Contined....

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Air date 12 August 1998
Written by ;User:Jawsattack


Directed by Mike Smith
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Rangers Off Gard
Way To Find The Morpher

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