Plot Edit

As Kim Is Dieing Tommy Destroys Viles Contraler While Kat Sends 2 Warrios To Destroy The Power Rangers

Transcript Edit

Tommy Yes Zordon I'l Go And Find This Out

Vile This Better Work

Finster Dont Worry It Will

Vile Or U Shall Pay

Finster Yes




Vile Yes Finster Go Destroy The Power Rangers

Finster At Ur Command

Scorpina Your Useless Wth Your inuns Vile

Vile Rangers

Tommy White Power

Vile Ahhh Tommy I Should Of Know

Tommy Shark Cannon

Zordon No U Get The Basket Braystick Use It Wiseley

Tommy Braystick


Vile Lets Go

Tommy Aggred

Scorpina Yes Lets Go

Tommy Scorpina?

Scorpina Yes White Ranger U'lle Be Destroyed

Tommy Never

Sharkbite AhhhRangers U Want Me Come & Get Me

Tommy Sharkbite

Vile Up I Go

Scorpina Yes Evreything Working Out As Planed

Vile Rangers Times Up

Rocky Socket Megazord Soket Saber


Vile Pathetic


Rocky The Sabers Not Eongh To defeat This Guy

Vile Yes Ur Right M8 But Ur Going To Be Defeated

Adam Stine Mode Stiner Strike


Vile I'l Be Back For More Revenge Later (Leaves)

Sharkbite Rangers Your Done For

Tommy Never


Sharkbite Uh Oh Vile Help

Vile Ugh Fire The Vileater

Goldar At Ur Command

Sharkbite So More To Be Destroyed

Kat Yes The Rangers Will Fall

Aisha This Ones Mine Socket Megazord

Sharkbite So The Rangers Socket Fuck It Megazord Yes Its History

Aisha No Ur History Sockey Blasy


Vile No Sharkbiter Failed His Mission But Iat Hasnt MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

The End

The Morph Of Power
Season 3, Episode 57
Air date 5 November 1995
Written by User:Awsome Fun

User:Power Over Him User:Rest 23

Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
Terror For Kim
Where The Plan Goes

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