Plot Edit

After Being Trashed Around The City Nick Codes A Spell And Uses It To Destroy The Copy Of Koraggs Megazord At the End/Later Leanbow Starts To Take Contral Of Koragg

Transcript Edit

Nick Ugh Fuck We Cant Defeat Koragg Hes Powerful

Daggreon Its His Copy

Undonna u must Work Together To Stop This

Nec So Now What

Imperious NowWe Use It On The Blundriny Fool Koragg

Nick Ok Were Here

Koragg Ahh The Lossers r Back

Nick This Time Its Time

Koragg Fool

Nick Titan Megazord

Koragg Yes Titan Megazord

Nick Daggreon

Daggreon Knight Megazord

Koragg Yes Its Time To Suffer




Daggreon Now The Knight Power Strike


Koragg Ugh

Nick Ha Gotya Its Time To Selfdestriuck this Thing

Koragg What Get Out of Here


Daggreon Yes Gone

Koragg No I Wont Acept This Fail

Daggreon Yes U Will Knight Saber


Koragg Ugh Fuck U

Daggreon Guys

Nick Cycles Srry Koragg But ur Doomed

Koragg Oh Shit


Koragg I Hate U-


Daggreon History

Master Ahh He Failed

Koragg Ugh

Master U Failed Again I See Its Time

Imperious Yes


(Koragg Cleans The masters poo)

Imperious Sorry Koragg But Ur Punished

Undonna that Was Good Teamwork Guys

Daggreon np

Koragg That Moron Imperious Hes A Cruel Bastaerd Il Ugh No

Leanbow Fuck I Must Stop this Spell The master gave me And Save The Others Ugh-

Koragg No Il Destroy Em

The En/To Be Contined

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Leanbows Contral -wtf
Air date 10 Nov 2006
Written by User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back)/User:Diamondface
Directed by User:Echoson/User:Sci100
Episode Guide
The Mystic Titan Battle Part 1
Imperious's Words

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