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As Some Workers Find The Prism In A Hole It Gives 3 Teenagers The Ninja Power Stars

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(Workers Are Working)

Worker 1 Im Going To Dig A Hole (He Digs One) Whatts This Ahh Yes (Grabs It) Its Someki-




(In The Galaxy Ship)

Galvanx Yes Im The Chapin Of This Ship Lets Put On Some Queen (He Puts Some On)

We Are The Chapins My Friends And We W-

Ripcon Turn That Shit Off Remember This Guy (Pulls Brody By The Ear)

Galvanx Ahhh Yes My Puppet

Broady Im Not Your Puppet You Big Imbercile

Mick Lord Galvanx Tell Me The Story Of How You Killed Broadys Father

Galvanx Ahh Yes Il Tell You The Story

(10 Years Ago)

(Dane Is fighting Galvanx)

Galvanx Laughs

Dane You Will Never Destroy me Vile Beast

Galvanx Will I (Grabs Him And Kills Him) Fool He Balled Down To My Sorwad


Galvanx Ahh Yes It Was A Memberoal Moment

(Redbot Scans For Bugs)

Redbot I Cant Find Any Bugs

Broady Why Are You being A dick

(In The Ninja School)

Miss Hastings Fuck This No Dont Eat Cerlel You Fricking Idiot Wtf

Sarha Oh Yeah 1st Day Of School

Victor You Got Big Boobs

Sarha Yeah Wanna Fuck

Victor YUS

(They Fuck)

(In The Ship)

Galvanx Ripcon You Will Choose The Next Warrior To Fight In The fricking Boring Galaxy Show (Changes Channel) ooohh Judge Judys On

Broady We Gotta Escape This Pigstyle

Mick Dont Have To tell me Twice

Broady 3 Times

Mick No

Broady 69 Times

Mick Yeah No

(The Prism Is On Earth And Some Kid Goes Near It)

Kid I Want That




(The Kid Is Killed By The Prism)

(Preston Gets Off The Bus And Steps In Something Its Reviled To be Dog Shit)

Preston Oh No

Monty Haha

Preston (Gives Him 2 Birdies)

(In The Galaxy Ship)

Galvanx Idiots Hurry Up And Fight

Screamster Yes Lets Fight

BladeRoller Il Roll You

(Screamster Screams Witch Wacks BladeRoller Backwoods BladeRoller Then Shoots Screamster In The Mouth And Screamer Then Falls)

BladeRoller I Win

Galvanx Congratlaous My Warrior

Ripcon Ugh Pitafull

Mick Pitbull

Galvanx Now Its Time To Have A Rost

(They Have A Rost)

Madium Odis This Is Stupid

Galvanx I Wish I Had Infity Wishs My 1st One Will Be MaDium Odis Eating My Shit

(Madium Odis Eats It)

Galvanx Now My 2nd One Will Be Alice Cooper Wallking In

(Alice Cooper Wallks In)

AC Ello

Galvanx Now My Next One-

Galaxy Warrior 1 Master Weve Found The Prism

Galvanx Hang On Im Trying To Think Of More Wishs Oh Yeah That Donald Trump Died And He Was Shot In The Leg



Galvanx Now Lets Get that Prism Then Il Be Unstoppable

(The Prism Arrives At The School)

Teenager Oh Wtf Is That Shit

(The Prism Kills The Teenager)


Calvin Aww Yeah My Gir- Oh Shit I Love These Things

Hayley What Oh motherf****r Wtf Are You Doing

Calvin Hayley Babe Kiss me

Hayley Nah Screw You

(In The Galaxy Ship)

Mick Ok Weve Gotta Escape

Broady Yeah Where To

Redbot Guys Guys Gess What I Found

Broady What Oh Fuck Sex Manchines

(The 3 Are Blasted)

Galaxy Warrior 2 Your Trying To Escape

Broady Ok Thats It (The 3 Go Down The Pipe Into A Ship And It Takes Off)

Galvanx What The Prisners Escaped Fools (Shoots The Galaxy Warriors) Weaklings

Broady Ok So Now What

Mick We Gotta Find The Prism

Redbot And Get All 6 Power Stars



Ripcon Ive Got You In My Sights

Mick Ok Lets Use Weapons Milles Lock Strike





Galvanx Useless Thats It BladeRoller Destroy The Prisners

BladeRoller Yes Sir

(The 3 Are In The Getaway Ship)

Broady What If Superman Came

Superman Yes Broady Its Me

Redbot Holly Shit

(At The Ninja School Sarha Is Sinnginng Wallk The line)

Sarha Cause Your Mine I Wallk The Line

(Victor Trows Poo At Her)

Sarah Wtf Was That For

Victor idk

(The Ship Crashs Near The School)

Sarah Wtf Was That

Broady Ugh Shit

Redbot Hey Look I Got A Photo Of Us Befor We Crashed

Mick Deleat It

Redbot Nope Going To Post It On FB (He Posts It)

Broady Ok So Lets Find The Prism

(At The Ninja School Preston Does Magic BS)

Preston Now Il Be

(Monty Fucks It Up)

Preston You Fool

Monty Hahahahahahaha

Victor Oh Come On Babe Please

Sarah Dont Babe Me Idiot Im In Love With Calvin Harris

Victor What The DJ

Sarah Yes Its Cause His Got Sexy Songs

Victor My Way Feel So Close & Summer Are The Only Good Songs Out Of Him

Sarah Shut The F**K Up

(Broady Wallks Into The Ninja School Yard)

Broady Is This My House

Miss Hastings NO ITS NOT ITS MY FUCKING SCHOOL (Smokes) Want 1

Broady Oh Yeah (Smokes)

(BladeRoller Lands In The Place Where Broadys Ship Crashed)

BladeRoller I Can Smell Them

(Broady Is Byeing Cokes Off A Coke Manchine)

Broady Can I Be A Teacher Here

Miss Hastings No

Broady Oh

Mick Um Broa- Oh Fuck


Mick Im Your Gir- Um Im Mike Myers

Miss Hastings Mike Myers Dosent Look That Fat

Mick Really

(BladeRoller Arrives At The School Yard)

BladeRoller Fools Im Here To Find Galvanxs Prisners

Redbot (Spying) Oh Shit

(In The School)

Miss Hastings So Anything Else

BroaDY Nah Son Im Fine

(Galaxy Warriors Appre Redbot Sees Em And Quickley Runs Inside To Tell Broady)

Redbot Broady Monsters Are Outside The School

Broady So Let Me Get This Strate You Want Me To Take You To The Pool

Redbot No

Broady Nah jk Ok Lets Go

(The 2 Run Outside)

Miss Hastings Aiey We Were Tallking Stupid Robot

(Redbot & Broady Arrive)

Broady What Do You Want

BladeRoller You Fools You Escaped Galvanx

Broady Yeah And Your Going Down

(BladeRoller Shoots Broady He Falls)

BladeRoller Fool

Broady No

Sarah So Why Are You Bugging me

Victor Oh Because Babe I Brought You A Wedding Ring

Sarah Nah Son Im In Love With Someone Else

Victor FUCK

Preston Alright Monty Stop Being A Goof

Monty Ugh

Sarah Hey Preston

Preston What

Preston Did ya See My New Cartwheels

Victor Thats It Im Not Happy

Sarah Good

(Preston Blows A Bubble In Victors Face It Pops & He Dies)

Sarah Sucker

Preston Ok Now What

(The 2 Hear Exploainsons Near The Area)

Sarah Oh Shit Wtf Is That

Preston IDK Lets Go

Sarah My Hoverborad (Gets It Out And The 2 Get On It And Fly Torwads The Exploasions)

BladeRoller Fool Il Finsh You

Sarah No You Wont (Kicks Him)

BladeRoller Ugh

Sarah Your Going Down

Preston You Peace Of S**T

Broady Aggred

BladeRoller Fools Il Rip All Ya Heads Off

(The Prism Wacks BladeRoller)

Sarah Wtf Is That Thing

Broady The Prism

BladeRoller Yes The Prism Il Pull All 6 Power Stars Out Of It

Broady I Dont Think So (Reachs In The Prism And Grabs The Red One Out)

Sarah Wtf How Did You Do That

Preston He Reached In

(Sarah Reaches In And Grabs The Pink Star Preston Reaches In And Grabs The Blue Star)

Broady Buckle Your Seatbealts Because Its About To Get Ugly Red Ninja Steel Power Acusses (Broady Morphs)

Sarah Pink Ninja Steel Power Accusses (Sarah Morphs)

Preston Blue Ninja Steel Power Accusses (He Morphs)

BladeRoller Fools Il Rip Your Heads Off

Broady I Dont Think So Summon Gear 1 Red Ninja Saber




BladeRoller Idiot You Wanna Peace Of Me

Broady Lets Go Fast On This Weapon Speed Mode

BladeRoller Ugh Galaxy Warriors




Broady That Was Awesome Now Lets Try This Ninja Beem

Galaxy Warrior 2 What

Broady Blast




Broady That Was Cool

Sarah Ok Now To Show Off My Sexy Moves Summon Gear 2 Pink Ninja Saber Ninja Holo Proction Shav




Galaxy Warrior 2 Fludge-


Preston Summon Gear 3 Blue Ninja Saber Solo Spin






Galaxy Warrior 1 No-


Broady Where Did The Warrior Go

Preston He Must Of Retreated

Broady k

(In The Galaxy Ship)

Galvanx You Failed There Are 3 Rangers Now And That Prism Still Has 3 Power Stars In It If You Fail Next Time You Will Bal Down To My Boner

BladeRoller Yes Lord Galvanx

(At The Ninja School)

Sarah Broady Your Going To Like It Here

Broady Really At The School




BladeRoller Wheres The Prism

To Be Contined.....

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Air date 1 Feb 2017
Written by User:Death88


Directed by User:Stranger26
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The Ninja Formation Part 2

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