Plot Edit

Sensai Trys To Teach Cam To Be A Secret KFN Master But Cam Fails And Bees A Wanker

Triva Edit

Lothor Only Appres In A Flashback

Lothor Zurgane Chooboo And All Of The Villians Expect Mari & Kaphri Appre In This Ep Btw Mari & Kapri Be Idiots In This ep

The Thunder Rangers Do Not Appre In This Ep

Transcript Edit

(Sensai & The Rangers Are Mentating)

Sensai Now Cam Since Your The 6th Ninja Ranger I Must Teach You To Be A KFN Master

Cam Yay Wanted To Be One Since I Was 5

Sensai Really Now Heres Your Chance

(Sensai Does Leson 1)

Sensai Hit That

(Cam Touchs That)

Sensai WEAK FUCK U CAM (Punchs It It Goes Backwoods And Smashs AHole In The Base)

(Leson 2)

Sensai Hit Shane

(Cam Pokes Shane Shane Uses His Wind Power To Blow Cam Away)

Sensai Fail

(Leson 3)

Sensai Last Leson You Fail And Your Shit Now Hit Me

(Cam Holds Sensai)

Sensai I'm Going To Eonjoy This


(Cam Is Wacked Out Of The Base And Lands In Frount Of Kelly & Kapri & Mari)

Sensai Ugh His Wrose Than My Brother

(Sensai Has A Flashback)

Lothor Laughs


Sensai His A Boner Anyways

Tori So Where Did Cam Go

Shane Beats Me

Dustin Yeah He Probley Is Being A Wanker

(Cam Plays With His Penis)

Cam (Cries) Oh I'm Shit

The End

The Ninja Kung Fu Master
Season 1, Episode 5
Cam Fails And Is Knocked Out Of The Ninja Base Witch Is Teckenley A Moutian (Wtf) Sersley)
Air date 18 Feb 2017
Written by User:Wikiajokes
Directed by User:Swap29
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Princeable Randalls Speech
Where Tommy Eats

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