Plot Edit

Sensai Trains The Rangers Hunter & Blake Wth Shane Bal And They Run Into Trainner While Tori & Dustin r Trainng Wth Cam They Get Ther Too Late Lothor Then Sends Zurgane Out To Stop The Rangers From Getting To Thew Tower Of Doom That Will Give Them A New Megazord

Transcript Edit

Sensai Rangers Its Time To Train

Blake awww Whaty For

Shane Yea I Aggre

Hunter We Allreddy Know Thew Ways Of The Ninja So What Is This Bullshit

Trainner Fools Ur All Pussbuckets

Vexxacus Destroy The Rangers

Trainner Yes At Ur Serves

Sensai Keep Focusing Ur Shit

Shane ugh I Quit

Blakwe Me Too This Is Bullshit

Zurgane So Sensais Trying To Teach Them Trainner Shit Trainner Go

Trainner Yes

Blake Sensai Is A fool

Hunter I Aggre

Shane IKR

Zurgane Hello Rangers Times Up

Shane U Ninja Storm Ya


Zurgane Think Ur So Strong Ur Weak

Shane No


Trainner Thunders

Blake What


Trainner Fools

Zurgane Red Ranger y r u So Weak

Trainner These Fools Should Give Up

Shane Never


Zurgane Now U Will

(The 3 Unmorph)

Cam Ok Sensai Is This Eongh

Sensai No More

Cam Huh A Attack Lets Go

Zurgane Thunders U Betrayed Lothor Now U Shall Suk His Hairy Cock

Hunter Never

Tori Ha Were Here

Trainner More Fun

Zurgane No Lets Go

(The 2 Retreat)

Tori Wtf Was That Guy

Cam His Name Is Trainner Thats y Sensai Was Trainninng U

Lothor Zurgane U Failed

Zurgane No I I

Vexxacius No Hes A fool Dont Trust Him Il Go Down And Destroy The Power Rangers Then They Will Be Doomed

Lothor No Zurgane There Going After That New Megazord Stop Em

Zurgane Yes At Ur Serves

Sensai u Guys Need A New Megazord

Cam Ok

Shane Yea Lothors Doomed


Shane Ok Ninja Power


Shane Give Up Zurgy

Zurgane Never

Shane Cannon


Zurgane Oh I Absorbed Ur Power Now Suk On This


(Shane Unmorphs)

Zurgane Now For The Megazord

To Be Contined....

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Zurgane (At The End)
Air date 27 October 2003
Written by User:Pan 21
Directed by User:Ernief0000


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